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Problems with AT&T Yahoo Mail Classic


Problems with AT&T Yahoo Mail Classic

Earlier today I was asked to sign into my at&t Yahoo email account. Thought this was unusual since I stay signed in and it wasn't that long ago I signed in before.


I'm running FF and once into "Mail Classic" my tool bars were gone, as well as my bookmarks/bar, and only the Yahoo search box was visible. The Google search box was completely gone too.


I've tried logging out/in, checked to make sure I was still on "Classic Mail", have restarted Win7 numerous times, and can't get back to what my email homepage used to look like. I was finally able to get the Google search box back, can also change this to Amazon, but my bookmarks bar is no longer visible.


Wonder if any others have been seeing this same problem and it's almost like AT&T/Yahoo changed something today?


While it says "Mail Classic" I'm not so sure that's what I'm seeing. Even the "minimize, maximize, x (close)" buttons at the top right of the screen are super small when they used to be large.


Thanks for any input/help.


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Re: Problems with AT&T Yahoo Mail Classic

Holy {edited for word filter evasion}!! Who knew? That solved my big problem with the new format. Thanks a bunch.

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Re: Problems with AT&T Yahoo Mail Classic

Your welcome. I do not know why anyone would want the conversation mode. Another case of newer is not necessarily better. I guess they defaulted to it so everyone would be aware of it. Might have been better not to default to it & send an e-mail all about it - especially stating limitations.

It got me on my macmail a while back when it was defaulted to on an update. I could not find e-mails that I knew were there, Turned out the list only showed the last one in the conversation. Made it hard to find what I was looking for.

Turned off conversation & it reappeared. That is why I suspected conversations as the culprit with u-verse.
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