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Printers & U-Verse Internet


Printers & U-Verse Internet

U-Verse internet and voice is to be installed in our home next week.  The sales rep mentioned something about my printers having to be set to digital to work.  His statement baffles me since my printers connected to my PC.  He may have been referring to any newly purchased 'wireless' printers.


I'm looking for feedback on the entire subject of printer use with U-Verse internet.  Help me before its too late!


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Re: Printers & U-Verse Internet

Not sure what he was talking about.  If your printer is connected via USB there is no issue.  If the printer is wifi capable then all you will have to do is connect it to the network and you will have no issue.  I currently have an HP Photosmart Premium connected wirelessly to the network and I have no issues.

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Re: Printers & U-Verse Internet

"..set to digital..." That is an odd statement to be said for a printer. As the guy said above, your printer should work. If it is connected directly to your PC then you shouldn't have to do anything. If it is a wireless printer, then you may have to uninstall the current printer on your PC and install it again since you'll be changing routers and the PC may loose the connection.

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Re: Printers

I am sure he is referring to wireless printers. My primary printer works wired or wireless. It was connected by cable but is now wireless. Unless something has changed you should be okay.
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