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Port forwarding Motorola NVG589


Port forwarding Motorola NVG589

AT&T U-verse just replaced my 2Wire gateway with a Motorola NVG589 router. I have two Foscam FI8910W cameras.

I am able to setup both to work wirelessly on my home network, but only one can be accessed remotely. I have followed instructions on AT&T site for setting up port forwarding. The camera that works is using port 8080, the one that does not is using port 8095.


I have not setup IP passthrough as one camera is accessible using external WAN IP via browser or the Foscam app on my iPhone without it being setup, so assuming it is not needed. The other I get a "Page Cannot be Displayed" if I try to access it using the WAN and port # with IE browser.


Does this indicate an issue with the camera itself or did I miss a step? May be a coincidence but the one that does not work was the same one I was never able to get to work wirelessly or remotely with the previous 2Wire Gateway and finally gave up on.



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Re: Port forwarding Motorola NVG589

Hi @tklb2008,


I am so sorry about the issues you are having with your security cameras after changing routers. One thing worth trying is to setup that 2nd camera on IP-Passthrough just to test it. Here is a link to a post that goes over it. If it starts working, it maybe a configuration setting that was missed. If not, then it sounds like there may be an issue with that camera or the use of port 8095.


Hope this helps.


-David T


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Re: Port forwarding Motorola NVG589



Thank you for your help.  I am going to first upgrade my cameras firmware, then I will try the passthrough mode.  



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Re: Port forwarding Motorola NVG589



So I updated camera firmware, but it did not help.  Just to be sure, I reset the camera to factory settings and reconfigured it using the exact same settings as the camera that worked.  I was still having the same camera is accessible via the external URL, the one with issues is not.


I tried the suggestion of setting up IP Passthrough based on the link you sent but it did not work.  One camera I can see via the Foscam iPhone app using the external URL, the other I can only see when connected to my home wireless network.  I have also tried accessing both web cameras with multiple browser using the external IP and can't get to either.  Below are the steps I took to setup passthrough...I skipped the beginning items as they all seemed to be related to setting up an additional router and I don't have that...I only have the Motorola gateway:


  • Go to 'Firewall' then 'IP Passthrough'.  For 'Default Server Internal Address', the field is empty but it would not let me enter anything in here.  Was not sure what I should put anyway.
  • For 'Allocation Mode' I selected 'Passthrough' 
  • For 'Passthrough Mode', I selected 'DHCPS-Fixed'
  • I selected the MAC address of the camera having the issue in the device list.
  • I clicked SAVE, then under 'Firewall Advanced' I changed all the drop downs from "On" to "Off" at the top and turn everything OFF.
  • I then rebooted the gateway. 

Any additional suggestions?  It is still strange to me that one works and one does not...and that both have issues being accessed via web browsers on external IP.

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