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Port Forwarding: What is "Host Base Port," Anway?


Port Forwarding: What is "Host Base Port," Anway?

I am fighting a NVG589 forwarding problem where I can only seem to get one port of two opened successfully.  Both of these ports are to be forwarded to the same IP.


I have created two custom services - one for each port.  However, only one appears to get opened.  


First of all, I don' t understand, if we specify a "Global Port Range," of what use is the "Host base port?"  What is it, and what does it contribute?  Seems like it's always the lowest port number in the Gloabl Port Range...


Second, in my case I've created two custom services.  Would it be better to create a single service with a two-port range, instead?  If so, why?  What's the diff?



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‎08-10-2016 4:59 AM

Re: Port Forwarding: What is "Host Base Port," Anway?

Hi @JenkinsEar,

We apologize about the issues. With the base host port, you will probably be putting in the beginning port of the port range. It is just to identify what is the main port for the hosting application. 

For the custom services, you can do it either way. Having it lumped into one makes it easier to manage. Having multiple ones provides more flexibility just in case you need to separate it into the future (assign one port to one device and another to another). 

For the one that is not showing open, make sure your computer is listening. On a Windows computer, open up your command prompt and type in

netstat -a

and see if your device is even listening on that port.


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