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Playing COD MW3 & Running out of NAT sessions....


Playing COD MW3 & Running out of NAT sessions....

Playing COD MW3 & Running out of NAT sessions....


I have the AT&T U-verse Max Turbo Internet package with download speeds up to 24 Mbps. It has been working well for the past couple of years as my son and I use it simultaneously to play most of the latest and greatest online multiplayer games together... World of Warctaft, RIFT, etc... This has worked very well even when we have guests over and they connect using this same connection. We can have three or four people playing online without any issues... Recently we assembled two brand new machines as a hobby project with most of the latest and greatest hardware. Could this be why when we are playing the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 we have this problem.... "Running out of NAT Sessions"? I say we play but we really don't because before the first game is over we are both lagging so hard we really can't play. I have called AT&T support a dozen different times but they have you reboot the equipment with only temporary results. Once they sent out a technician who completely replaced their equipment but within a day it was back the same way so laggy we can't play. Finaly after a dozen logged complaints to AT&T about this issue one rep had the insight to tell me to look at the NAT Sessions table and sure enough it was completely locked up...But he could not tell me how to fix it... I have been searching the internet for any solutions to this situation and the closest I have been able to find was a guy posting about his Skype program causing the exact same issue "Running out of NAT Sessions" and his resolution was to limit the upload to about 1/2 of what he was using in the skype program. I have not seen anywhere in the Valve / Steam client that I can do this (that is what is used to play MW3 online) Is anybody else having this issue? Does anybody out there know enough about networking, routers, LANs, and NAT Sessions to give me another clue as to how to resolve this because AT&T isn't going to do it for me... SAD FACE 8(


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Good Connection Not Really Doing Anything Here...

Try To Play Call Of Duty MW3 w/ My Son And Then We Get This NAT Session Overload...

We can get in a game or maybe only a half of a game before the internet connection goes to complete garbage... And thanks to that one guy who said check your NAT Sessions table I am now aware that I have a NAT Sessions table and it does appear to be full... Any thoughts? We can do the whole reboot the Modem / Router show etc... and then get in part of another game but I know this should not be like this... Our internet connectivity was excellent for almost two years and now all of the sudden... Fun Time Is Over!


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Re: Running out of NAT sessions....

I do not know about any of that other than to say I now know it has absolutely nothing to do with COD / MW3... I did start poking around in the AT&T 2WIRE MODEM/ROUTER Gateway and found a Firewall Setting under Attack Detection at the very bottom that was not checked... I just checked it and rebooted the AT&T gateway..



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Re: Running out of NAT sessions....

And now I am up and working with quality connection speed... My son will be home any minute and we will test COD/MW3... I hate to get excited at this point but I am starting to suspect that I may have found the problem and resolved it myself... So then the questions become "Has that been checked for the past two years?" & if so then "How did it become un-checked?"

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Re: Running out of NAT sessions....

I really need to start studying networking all of these mysteries give me a headache...
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Re: Running out of NAT sessions....

With several macines running and COD / MW3 being played by my son and I at the same time we appear to have the internet connectivity that we have come to expect from AT&T over the past couple of years. It is really looking like I found the issue. One little checkbox... Now how in the world do you suppose that became unchecked in the first place? Why didn't any of the tech support tell me to look there? Well in any case I suppose I should simply be happy that it appears resolved... Now about this new router I just purchased... Do I keep it and use it or simply use the AT&T gateway device? I suppose that would be a completely new thread...

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