No "lock" on my network?


No "lock" on my network?

I don't see a "lock" on my network (I have a MAC). Does that mean it is NOT secure? I thought the technician had set up a WEP password.


If I need to set up my password, how do I do it?



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Re: No "lock" on my network?

http://home/ that should help you.

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Re: No "lock" on my network?

Unfortunately I don't get it. It does say wireless security is enabled. My network looks unlocked when compared to others. See picture. file:///Users/michaelerwine/Desktop/Screen%20shot%202011-03-20%20at%201.39.24%20PM.png

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Re: No "lock" on my network?

We can't see the screenshot in your computer's file; would you mind giving us a link via photobucket, flickr, or other online photo hosting sites?

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Re: No "lock" on my network?

Its probably set to WEP (open) instead of WPA2 which works best on late model Mac's not to mention very secure.

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Re: No "lock" on my network?

Thank you. That worked. Does that mean my network was NOT secure before?

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