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Nintendo Wii shuts down Uverse

Nintendo Wii shuts down Uverse

My parents are having a problem with Uverse and Wii.  Things had worked fine for several months then one day the power supply on the Wii went out and had to be replaced.  Since then whenever the Wii gets plugged into the TV it shuts down Uverse.  There is no phone service, internet service or TV until the Uverse box is rebooted.


Technicians have been to the house several times and replaced the Uverse  box and various other components outside the house.  In the end all the technician could establish is that when you plug in the  Wii to the Toshiba non-HD TV the Uverse shuts down.  

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Re: Nintendo Wii shuts down Uverse

Can you give more details like what type of connection the Uverse receiver and the Wii is plugged into?

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Re: Nintendo Wii shuts down Uverse

I'm not very familar with the Uverse connection.  It was installed by AT&T, to me it is a wireless router.  The Wii uses wi-fi to connect to it.  Last night I turned the Wii on and then took the Wii cable and simply plugged in the audio white RCA jack into the TV and that was all it took to take Uverse down.  The TV wasn't even turned on.


I'm not even sure the Wii is currently configured correctly to connect to the wi-fi since the repairmen have been over replacing parts and wires.  I would be surprised if the password on the Wii was still correct.  I need to go over and investigate some more but its tough to turn on the Wii when you know its going to take your phone and internet and TV out.  I'm not even sure what to try.  So far the only thing I can think of is to get rid of the Uverse and go to a different service provider.

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Re: Nintendo Wii shuts down Uverse

Before you drop Uverse I would take your Wii to a friend's with a different vendor to see if it knocks their service out. If you have a friend with Uverse you might try the same thing before you drop the service. I would hate to see you change then find out it is the Wii causing the same trouble on the new service.

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Re: Nintendo Wii shuts down Uverse

I agree with Escapee in that I would be looking long and hard at the Wii as the cause of the issue.


It appears to me that the Wii must be causing a large amount of interference.  Since it's taking down telephone too, I'm betting that it's causing some RF interference on your house's power distribution that is causing the RG to lose its VDSL2 link with the VRAD.  While this may, or may not, cause the same level of issues with another provider's gear, it's likely something that will cause you other issues down the road.


It's also possible that it's generating a lot of wireless RF noise, but I'd be surprised if that was taking down the RG to the point it couldn't provide voice.  You could probably determine that by turning off the wireless access feature in the RG.


When you plug the Wii in to power, can you see the RG?  Do the lights start doing different things?


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Re: Nintendo Wii shuts down Uverse

What caused the old Wii power supply to quit working? Sounds like a grounding issue to me inside the Wii or it's new power supply. I would try another Wii on YOUR system if you have success with a different Wii then swap power supplies and see if YOUR Wii works on your system. If it does then you know you have a bad Wii power supply and it is possible to get a bad one brand new.


The last thing I would do is dump Uverse for Wii that won't function properly.

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Re: Nintendo Wii shuts down Uverse

Thanks for all the suggestions.  I'll try to get over and try some of them out in the next day or two and I'll let you know what I find out.

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Re: Nintendo Wii shuts down Uverse

I have a Wii on my TV and have no issues. I would bet that your Wii may have a problem. Definitely try another Wii to see if the same thing happens.

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Re: Nintendo Wii shuts down Uverse

As others have mentioned, the Wii is the culprit. Our Wii plays fine with our Uverse, internet connection or not.


The Wii does not initiate a connection to the internet until it you take some sort of action that requires an internet connection. Just powering on the Wii and connecting it to your TV and UVerse shutting down indicates that your Wii is messing things up. 

IMO be careful with repeatedly plugging in the Wii into your TV since it could be a grounding issue.


Is the replacement power supply a Nintendo brand power supply directly from Nintendo are a reputable seller?

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Re: Nintendo Wii shuts down Uverse

The replacement power supply was creating interference with the Uverse TV. Using Nintedo replacement power supply fixed the problem with the TV.


AT&T is coming out for about the 6th time to try and get the phone working.

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