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Mcafee Download for MAC

Mcafee Download for MAC

Hi -


I am an Uverse subscriber and I have both PC and MAC at my home, I setup McAfee protection for my PC with no issues, now when I try to download the software for my mac it still shows only the PC version of it and does nt let me download or even show the mac version of the software.


If anyone knows how to protect multiple PC's (with mac & windows) please help me?



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Re: Mcafee Download for MAC

You can use this and it's free!!  Also I would get rid of McAfee and use Microsoft Security Essentials for your PC.  Free download here.


McAfee is a resourse hog.

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Re: Mcafee Download for MAC

I don't recommend McAfee, you might want to try something like AVG, or something like that.  It is free also.

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Re: Mcafee Download for MAC

i have the same problem as you. i have installed mcafee on 2 windows computers and was trying to do it on my mac.


i called ATT and after some troubleshooting it turns out, the link on the download page (for the mac mcafee download) is broken that should take you to the macintosh download for mcafee. --  since its broken it only takes you to the windows download.


ATT support said they have notified their IT departrment and for me to try to download the mcafee macintosh version in a week.

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Re: Mcafee Download for MAC

Well as of yesterday the link is still broken. I have the same problem. So with a company so large as ATT whats the problem?

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Re: Mcafee Download for MAC

I figured out to get the McAfee to install.


You have to select "Disable My Subscription" from the page that has the download links. 

 Disable .jpg


 After it is disabled select the link to get tine “Security Suite” and it recognizes you are on a Mac and provides the correct version.



Whether or not you should download for Mac is irrelevant. The product is being offered an advertised “perk” of the product you are paying AT&T for and should work seamlessly regardless of being a resource hog or whatever. I contacted U-Verse support three times without a resolution. There is no excuse for a company on the forefront of technology and telecommunication services not being able to provide correct support and issue resolution or at the very least acknowledgement there is a problem.


This is not an end-user (customer) error and should be communicated to their support agents so they offer proper handling. Do the ethical thing wierdos. 

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Re: Mcafee Download for MAC

Glad you got it to work for you. Personally I wouldn't install McAfee if they paid me for it.  

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Re: Mcafee Download for MAC

I agree that ATT should correct this problem irrespective of whether mcafee for mac is a good product or not.  They promise this in the terms and so it should be available as a matter of principle.  Do you think filing a FCC complaint will help other consumers who are signing up?


Here is my tale of wasting half a sunday on telephone with uverse tech support - 

  1. First they said I cannot have it on both mac and pc.  Then they said the problem is with mcafee.
  2. Then mcafee techsupport called (proactively) and told me that the problem is with att.  And they called me because ATT tech support couldn't conference me in.  According to mcafee the account needs to be enabled to allow downloads for both mac and pc.  So I asked them whey didn't they just work it out with ATT when they had a conference.  But they gave me some helpless explanation.
  3. So I called back ATT and they said there is something wrong with ATT's system.  The account needs to be activated for to enable mcafee for both pc and mac for this account. When pressed to make it happen the tech support had to go back to the supervisor but promised to call back.  
  4. The supervisor called back but she was equally clueless.  She first started with a statement that I cannot have it on both.  So I pressed and told her to go check out the ATT's page which shows download links for both pc and mac.  
  5. So she said she will get back to me and she did, this time some more explanations about how there may be some problem with the network team.  
  6. Finally, loosing patience, I told her to just give me credit for mcafee so that I can buy the license myself.  There was some back and forth at her end and her team and she finally called back.
  7. This time she said she will take my credit card and use it to buy the license for me and mcafee will ship the product to me.  ATT will subsequently give me a credit for it.
  8. I did not agree with this setup in principle and told her that I cannot just hand over my credit card like to anyone.
  9. That is where things ended.

Disappointing.   Yet! not surprising given the beheamoth that ATT is.


Hope this helps.  BTW, I run AVG from Avast.  It appears to do the job and it also has some nice utilities such as duplicate photo and file finder.




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Re: Mcafee Download for MAC

Thanks, this helped me fix my mac download issue. 

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Re: Virus Protection

I also cannot download McAfee even though I am logged into my ATT Internet account (can see my bill, get to McAfee download link etc).  When I attempt to download McAfee and choose English language option, I get this error Message:


We're sorry, the AT&T service you are attempting to access is not available using the login information you provided.
To continue, please select the login button for one of the services below.


I am definitely logged in as the screen shows my name, account info etc.  Help - its' ridiculous to have to pay for something that should be free.  BTW it successfully downloaded to my Mac several years ago when we signed up for ATT uverse.  Now I'm trying to download to new windows laptop. 


Please help! I'm so frustrated!

Thank you

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Re: Virus Protection

Thank you!!

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