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Max Turbo? More like Max Plus!


Max Turbo? More like Max Plus!

I had my U-Verse Internet hooked up on Friday, December 3rd with the Max Turbo plan. The line tech came out, hooked everything up, and told me I should be getting my 25/5 speed since I was about 700' from the VRAD. Instead I only get 15-17Mbps down depending on speed test and server and slightly under 0.5 Mbps up pretty consistently. The tech runs some tests, tells me there's a lot of noise on the line and schedules a splicer to come out that evening and give me a new line from the pole to a new dropbox.


That evening the splicer arrives, does exactly the above and I run several speedtests to get the exact same result. He checks his laptop in his van and tells me that there's another node connected to my line about 1000' down that was dividing my signal and schedules with me to come back the next morning to cut off that line. Next morning he shows up, cuts off the line, I run the speed tests and it's the same. He apologizes, says that he's really just a copper guy and doesn't know that much about fiber so he calls the office, consults a good while, then tells me that the line is too close to the VRAD and he needs to add an extra 1000' of line which he does underneath my house.


Once again, I run the tests and it's all still the same. Finally he tells me that his fiber guy claims that the speed I'm getting is actually very good despite it being quite a bit less than the advertised 25/5. I tell him that I'm seeing speedtest results all around the web that point at people getting about 23/2.7 a lot of the time and he just reiterates that he's a copper guy so he really doesn't know what to say.


All I seem to have left now is to call AT&T again, ask for a fiber guy to come out and give me what I'm paying for, or to drop me to Max Plus 18/1.5 with a guarantee that I won't get less than the 17/0.5 I'm currently getting. At the very least the latter plan will save me $10/month. Smiley Sad

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Re: Max Turbo? More like Max Plus!

Before all the stuff SomeGuy7777 instructed me to do:


Right after all the stuff SomeGuy7777 instructed me to do:


The only difference of consideration at this point being that the direct connection from modem to PC is better than fine and the router I have in between is adding major drag. I really should have tried a direct connect again after all the stuff the splicer did but obviously I was too hard-headed to think it made a difference when my earlier tests gave me the same results whether directly connected or with the extra router in-between.


I'll need to look more at optimizing the settings but failing that I may try turning the wi-fi back on the modem, swapping in the Netgear gigabit ethernet switch the AT&T tech supplied me with, and dropping my old hardware completely out of the loop. I'll have to do that later today after work. I will keep everyone posted and I offer my greatest thanks to all of you and, of course, SomeJoe7777 in particular.

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