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MAC Filtering Weirdness


MAC Filtering Weirdness

I was going over my MAC filterings to update things (delete old computer addresses), and noticed a very odd, long number (with a few a's) in the Blocked Devices list.


It is not in MAC addy format (no colons).  I have no idea when it appeared or how it got there! 


I cannot delete it, even if I move it to the Allowed Devices list. Smiley Sad


My Allowed Devices are all up-to-date now, but I don't like that odd long number in the Blocked list!


Any ideas on what it is or how to remove it?

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Re: MAC Filtering Weirdness

Sounds like some kind of configuration anomaly.  The router shouldn't have allowed anything in there that wasn't a MAC address, so no telling how it got there.


If it won't let you delete it, then the only recourse would be a factory defaults reset.


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Re: MAC Filtering Weirdness


Smiley Sad


Thanks, I was afraid of that.  But it won't hurt it to be there, other than making the box all stretched out?


You have heard of things like this before, though?


edit to add screenshot











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Re: MAC Filtering Weirdness

No, I've never heard of this particular problem, although I have heard of and seen RGs where the configuration information was corrupted, and this caused weird behavior.  A factory defaults reset cleared up the problems.


Theoretically, having an invalid MAC address in the list shouldn't cause any problems, since it wouldn't match any MAC address on the network, but the question is if this particular item is corrupted, what else in the configuration might be corrupted that you can't see?


It might be a good idea to write down any specific configuration items you have (including firewall settings), and plan to go ahead and do a factory defaults reset, and then reconfigure the RG.


Ever since I've had U-Verse, I've run with all my equipment connected to the RG, but I just ordered my own router which will be here tomorrow.  When I put my own router in, I'm planning on doing a factory defaults reset on my RG anyway.


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Re: MAC Filtering Weirdness


OK, will do an inventory and pick a day when it's not raining (power outage) and/or nothing is recording.


Suppose I'll need to visit the MAC Filtering page more often? Smiley Sad


edit--got to thinking about corruption--maybe this has something to do with why the new laptop can no longer save the RG password for access; it has to be typed in manually every time now.  Guess this would be a good time to delete the RG from the laptop for total rediscovery.



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