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Irritatingly slow internet


Irritatingly slow internet

Okay, so I have had AT&T U-verse internet, TV and phone for almost two years. And recently the only thing working right is the phone. 

Here is the problem with the internet:

It has become pretty slow lately, according to the AT&T speed dest the download speed it is only 7.55 mbps, and the upload speed is 1.92mbps. My browser is constantly failing to load pages, losing connections to servers, ect. 

I am using a laptop and it says that my connection is strong, but the internet does the same on my desktop as well. 

I am becoming very irritated with this crap. 

(also the TV keeps saying that it has to jump to live tv to allow for recording on another reciever, even when there is nothing recording, and then we can't rewind) 


So since we are nearing the end of our contract, I am thinking that if we do not get this stuff resolved (soon) then I am just going to ditch U-verse in favor of something that has better service.

Does anybody know how to resolve this stuff?

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Re: Irritatingly slow internet

Have you called 1.800.288.2020 or chatted to schedule a tech visit.

Try downloading troubleshoot and resolve app.
this can also be found on the tv using remote choose menu over to help... look down.
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