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Internet Data Usage


Internet Data Usage

Recently, over the last two billing periods, my family has went over our internet data limit, which is something that has never happened before and I was hoping wouldn't happen again. However, our usage is getting dangerously close to the limit again this period, so I decided to monitor it this time, so I waited a little past midnight to check the usage on myAT&T for the new day and just an hour past midnight, there was 11GB already downloaded. I don't even know how something like that is even possible or how AT&T actually calculates the data usage for their Billing & Usage page each day, but something isn't right. I know every device that is connected to the WiFi, and I know our family uses a lot of internet, but I even I don't think we're capable of using 11GB within an hour past midnight. So, I plan on turning off our router slightly before midnight and checking each device by adding them on individually to absolutely make sure it isn't us. I know for a fact, it's not any of our phones, laptops, or tablet that's causing this problem, but there's a Roku and chromecast I haven't accounted for, so I guess we'll see. If anyone else has any other advice or solutions, it'd be very much appreciated.

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Re: Internet Data Usage

From some past posts, the data usage is updated in four hour sections, not real time.


Streaming HD from Netflix and such uses 3GB per hour per device. Watching one of the Lord Of The Rings movies would be about 10GB as their all over 3 hours long each. 


Have ATT Uverse internet, there are two options to have unlimited...

Pay extra $30 per month, considering overage charge is $10 per 50GB up to $100. A family of 4 heavy on streaming or downloading games and game updates can easily exceed 1.150 TB. Remember uploading also counts in usage, uploading pics, videos or file backups to dropbox, youtube, etc can affect data count. 


Option 2, subscribe to either DirecTv (satellite dish) or Uverse IPTV where available... Receive $10 discount on internet plus unlimited internet with $30 waived. Together these are worth $40 in saving, almost the cost of starting qualify tv package. Just about pays for itself first 12 months.


If question about speed tier or tv package check your address online, call sales, or post back here.

*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: Internet Data Usage

I'm having the same problem except there is just one of me.  I do have two rokus for two tv's.  Other than those, my pc and an "other" device is connected to my internet.  I keep reading that I can manage these devices (I'd like to disconnect the "other" but can't find the way to do that).  I just checked my usage for today and it says I'vd used 50 gb today already and all I've got on is my pc trying to figure this mess out.  I was charged an extra $100 this month and if this continues, I'm disconnect both the internet and DirectTvNow!! Especially since I can't get any help with this mess.  Chat is useless.  They just keep going around and around in circles.  I'm about at the end of my rope.  I shouldn't be using this much data yet no one will tell me what to look for or what to do to change it.  I guess they think they're going to charge me another $100 next month.  But that's not going to happen!!

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Re: Internet Data Usage

Im on the discounted rate of $10 per month for internet.  Would I qualify for the $30 unlimited deal?


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Re: Internet Data Usage

I'm in the same position, got a new router, slowed down usage some for a couple of days, but it's alarming.  One lovely customer service rep suggested I "call the police".  I will let you know if I can come up with a clear answer, but at the moment I feel like I'm being manipulated into getting DirectTV or or a higher usage plan.  No Bueno!  

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Re: Internet Data Usage

After doing a lot of research, it looks like the actual router I've gotten (twice) has a number of security issues.  I'll see what customer retention will do to address this, as fixing it myself is pretty complicated and AT&T isn't paying me enough to do this.  Wait, I'm paying them!  Arris Router Flaws

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Re: Internet Data Usage

My usage doesn't reflect current month

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