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How to get rid of DNS Error Assit

How to get rid of DNS Error Assit

I noticed that suddenly I am getting redirected to a yahoo page when a webpage does not load. It has dnserrorassist in the URL. After searching, I found that it is connected to AT&T. I don't want this, but when I went to opt out I was not able to do it. Another page loads that says it cannot do it at this time. I really don't want this on my computer. Is there another way to opt out?

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‎08-03-2016 11:59 AM

Re: How to get rid of DNS Error Assit

I believe I found the solution. Here is the opt out page and it appears to be working.


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Re: How to get rid of DNS Error Assit

That is correct @DonnaMonty, that link will help get you to the page for managing your privacy settings and such. I knew it was somewhere, but couldn't remember where I had seen it. So thanks for the find.


pro-tip: this link and opt-out applies to AT&T wireless accounts also

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Re: How to get rid of DNS Error Assit

This doesn't work for me.
It takes me to this page:

Manage your privacy choicesRead our privacy policy
Select a privacy choice below:
External Marketing
& Analytics Reports
DNS Error Assist
Relevant Advertising
DNS Error Assist

Want to update the settings for DNS Error Assist? First log in with the user ID or AT&T Access ID you use for your Internet or DSL account.


dishonored.pngDNS Error page


I am logged in with the only Access ID I am aware of, but there are NO options for changing anything.

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Re: How to get rid of DNS Error Assit

The site might've just been down. It worked for me. The setting is a part of your router's configuration. I don't think you can change your home network dns settings unless you bridge to a third party router. You can also get the old error page by changing your dns settings on individual devices.
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Re: How to get rid of DNS Error Assit

Same thing with me: logged in but no options.  I've tried this over the last 9 or 10 days so I don't think the system is temporarily down.

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Re: How to get rid of DNS Error Assit

The Opt out does not always work.  Also, we have had corporate users that DO NOT have U-Verse services at home who have tripped over this elsewhere.  They do not even have AT&T credentials to log in and select an Opt-out option.


After many fruitless searches, and countless frustrating calls to AT&T support we think we have found an answer to the dnserrorassist.att.net issue.


One of our trips down the rabbit hole led my teammate to this key in the registry: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\LowRegistry\DOMStorage\dnserrorassist.att.net]


A little digging there pointed to the use of DOM Cookies



To test this out I used the instructions here to disable DOM Cookies in IE.



Also, I then cleared the Browsing History




UNCHECK - Preserve Favorites website data
CHECK - Temporary Internet files and website data
CHECK - Cookies and website data


We had cleared browsing history so many times in the past, but I had overlooked the "Preserve Favorites website data" option which is checked by default. Important to note was that the site we continued to have an issue with was indeed saved as a Favorite.


In theory, simply clearing the cookie cache might be enough. We, however, took these steps:

1. Disabled DOM Cookies in IE
2. Cleared the Browsing History (including Favorites data)
3. Closed and reopened IE
4. Renabled DOM Cookies


All sites worked without the dnserrorassist.att.net redirect.

THANK GOD! Time for a drink!

I hope this information helps someone from wasting time on this AT&T "feature".

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Re: How to get rid of DNS Error Assit

For me what is happening is when I try to go to certain sites that page you linked comes up instead of the site I am trying to reach not all sites but some


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Re: How to get rid of DNS Error Assit

This was a shady move on AT&T's part. I go to a site and it's down so I get re-directed to a bunch of links for "alternatives." Do I not spend enough money with AT&T that the blood suckers have to penny pinch by serving me up ads? And not only that, but the favicon for the site was changed to the AT&T "Death Star" logo. There is a word for programs that do this - malware!


Enhancing my browsing experience, bovine manure. I don't take kindly to my browser being hijacked.


Shame on AT&T.

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