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How to Hardwire a connection using U-Verse?


How to Hardwire a connection using U-Verse?

I understand we could connect directly to the ethernet ports on the back of the router/gateway, but is there a way to do it like old cable style?


I have ethernet jacks in all my rooms and would prefer a hardwired connection Vs wireless. Is there a way i could make these ethernet connections "live" by connecting the router or however u do it? Like in the past, my cable modem would go to the ethernet connections and that way i could use any ethernet connection all over the house. The gateway/router is far away from my computers (close to TV) and i don't want to run wires (it's impossible) from the gateway to each of these rooms. I prefer wired Vs wireless


Any help is highly appreciated!



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Re: How to Hardwire a connection using U-Verse?

I was told by Uverse tech support that connecting to the ethernet port on a STB for internet was not supported by Uverse. He said that it would cause problems with the STB updates.

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Re: How to Hardwire a connection using U-Verse?

Indeed it isn't supported, but in general it will not hurt anything.

"Not supported" means that AT&T doesn't condone it, and if you have problems with that setup, AT&T will not assist you with it. But it doesn't necessarily mean that it won't work. And it doesn't mean that any problems will arise.

Generally, if you do have problems, it's limited to an issue with the connected device (i.e. the multicast traffic overwhelms that device, and it won't function properly), or the STB exhibits issues when playing back live or recorded TV such as pixelation or picture freezing. If either of those things occur, you'll have to disconnect the device and find some other way to connect it to the network.

In no case will anything be permanently damaged from trying this setup.
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Re: How to Hardwire a connection using U-Verse?

I have my Roku's connected this way and don't have any problems.  Of course, I only watch tv or the Roku, one at a time, on the connected tv.  I guess it's possible I could have a problem if I got an update for the DVR/STB while watching the Roku, but I don't expect any problems since everything is routed based on IP addresses.

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Re: How to Hardwire a connection using U-Verse?

Do you turn the STB off at the front button when you watch Roku? If you do not, will you still not get the broadcast of the TV signal?

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Re: How to Hardwire a connection using U-Verse?

Doesn't matter.  My U-Verse DVR is connected to my tv's HDMI 1 input.  My Roku is connected to my tv's HDMI 2 input via my Onkyo receiver.  I have a Harmony 880 remote that I programmed to switch the input and turn on my Onkyo receiver when I am using my Roku.  However, I usually do turn it off to save bandwidth.

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Re: How to Hardwire a connection using U-Verse?

The house was set up with a TV HDMI downstairs and then a 5.8 100mw wireless router to a wireless gateway upstairs. Is it possbile to hardwire that instead of this 5.8 router running in the house 24/7? Also the AT&T WIFI tower default deploys emitting signal at 400mw at 2.4 and this can be turned down to 50mw as this is more than enough for most dry wall homes. 400 mw is excessive at that frequency don't you think as a default?

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