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Home server and router pains


Home server and router pains

So I have a 2wire 3800HGV-B router with two systems hooked up to two of its ethernet ports. One computer is just a normal workstation (its name is penibetica) and the other is my web server (named subbetica), which I've configured with Apache.


I know that the web server is working fine, because accessing http://localhost on subbetica brings up the directory I've specified.


However, I can't access it from any other computer using its IP address. I've opened up the appropriate ports in the router firewall and still no cigar.


Any ideas? I'm completely new to this and I'm stuck.



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Re: Home server and router pains

If you can't get to the web server from another computer on your own LAN, the problem is with the web server.  There is no firewall involved on the LAN associated with the 2Wire router.


Check your web server's configuration, including any firewall it may be running.


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Re: Home server and router pains

Thanks, I completely overlooked the firewall settings on the server itself *facepalm*.

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Re: Home server and router pains

If you are trying to access the (internal ~ 192.168.1.x) webserver using an external address (75.x.x.x, for example), it will not work.


Put a local entry into your hosts file for the local (internal) address for that server. If you're using windows it's in a directory like C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc


If your on a *nix system, it's in /etc/hosts.


Ther are example entries in the file if you're not familiar with the format.


(we apparently edited and posted at the same time, glad you figured it out)



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