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Having Trouble With Your Internet or Wi-Fi? (Wi-Fi 101)

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Having Trouble With Your Internet or Wi-Fi? (Wi-Fi 101)

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If you have blinking red lights on your router, see this article for more troubleshooting steps.


If you stream or download, check out this article for tips to improve performance. 



It’s important to identify potential issues that may be causing your Wi-Fi to be slow and intermittent. Here are some simple suggestions to consider when you run into issues with your Wi-Fi:

  • Are there other electronic devices near your router?
    • Provide at least 3’ of separation from other electronics and appliances for less interference.
  • How is your router connected to the power source? Is it connected to a power-strip, directly to the wall outlet, a battery back-up unit, a GFCI outlet…?
    • Plug your router directly to a non-GFCI wall outlet to help isolate potential power issues.
  • Where is the router located in home? Is it in the basement, a cabinet, on the floor…?
    • Place the router in an open space so it can stay cool. Be sure to keep the router elevated off the ground.

You may need to Factory Reset your router after making changes to the environment. Find out more information on How to Restart and Factory Reset your Router here.




If still having issues after arranging your router environment, you may need to run a Speed Test to determine whether the issue is with your wireless environment or your equipment connection.

  • It’s common to assume that your Wi-Fi and Wired (Ethernet) speeds would be equal, but because wired connections are less prone to interference, the wired speeds will always be the more stable and reliable internet connection.

This test measures the speed between your computer and the internet and can help determine if you should take steps to improve performance.



Test your internet speed with only one wired device connected to your router to establish the baseline internet speed. Is the speed test result in line with your subscribed service?

  • If yes, then test the speed with only 1 device connected to the router wirelessly (Wi-Fi). If there is a big difference, then wireless connection is the issue. Proceed to section 3.
  • If no, and your hard wired is either as slow as the wireless connection, or isn’t in line with your subscribed service, then you can proceed to login to the myAT&T app to further diagnose the issue using the Fix it now! Support tools.

Go here for more information about How to check your Internet Speed or Visit att.com/speedtest to run your speed test today. For more information about internet latency, check out this article on Understanding Ping and Traceroute




After going through resets/speed test, and Wi-Fi has been identified as the issue, you may want to consider changing your Wi-Fi channel. Get more information on How to change your wireless channel on an NVG and on a 2Wire/Pace gateway. 


  • Wi-Fi can be broadcasted on different channels and issues may occur when everyone is on or near the same channel. By changing the Wi-Fi channel you will help reduce the interference from other networks in range (e.g. neighbor’s Wi-Fi).
  • You may need to do some trial and error to find a good Wi-Fi channel, since it depends on how congested a channel is and how much electromagnetic noise there is for the local area.




AT&T Customer Care

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Re: Troubleshoot your Router & Wi-Fi 101

Khemberl *****
Acct#[edited for privacy-please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, employee ID numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, etc.]
I work from home, and I can't do that because my internet is dropping out. I am not wireless but wired. I called yesterday and they remotely restarted my modem. That help for last night, but this morning when I tried to work, the same thing happen again. I would like credit for the days of my service not working. I need to my internet to work. I will lose my job if its not. This is not the first time either. I had to have a tec come out in July just to fix my internet because they were working on putting down new fiber lines. Before that I never really had this problem.

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Re: Troubleshoot your Router & Wi-Fi 101

So kind of you!!! Thanks for sharing!!! This trick is helpful to me!

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Re: Troubleshoot your Router & Wi-Fi 101

on and off all day yesterday i've been having connection problems. but it only lasts for a few mintues then it works again. no red light and if i do get a red light about 15 seconds or so it turns green. and i think my dad said that the internet is acting up this morning as well. so can anyone tell me what is going on? it has never done this before. so what is wrong? is it nothing? is it interfence from a outside source?

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Re: Troubleshoot your Router & Wi-Fi 101

@Auron8756   Have you seen my post about disabling IPv6, that causes disconects and rebooting in all Uverse RGs?


In post 9 above:


Smiley Wink



Please NO SD stretch-o-vision or 480 SD HD Channels
Need Help? PM ATT Uverse Care (all service problems)
ATT Customer Care(billing and all other problems)
Your Results May Vary, In My Humble Opinion
I Call It Like I See It, Simply a U-verse user, nothing more

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Re: Troubleshoot your Router & Wi-Fi 101

I am having some sort of connectivity issue with my wireless router. The on-the-phone technicians cannot find the source of the problem and have sent a replacement. Thank you for your promptness on that... Please tell the manufacturers and distribution centers to either send a modem that is either the same size as the one I have or smaller. The one sent to me is twice as big and does not fit in the area I have my old one.


I have a technician coming out soon to see about "placing" the modem in a different location. I DO NOT WANT THAT! I WANT TO KEEP IT RIGHT WHERE IT IS!

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Re: Troubleshoot your Router & Wi-Fi 101

I have had problems with my modem for over 3 weeks now.First it was dropping the wireless signal.I rebooted several times and could get the wireless working but then it only last's about an hour.Now i have a red light showing broadband is out.It will work for about an hour then shows red light again.No wires in my house have been touched.I checked my phone line with test equipment and it all shows good.I have contacted ATT three times now and they checked outside line 3 times.All 3 times it shows good.I keep telling them the modem is bad and they want to send a service tech.I can't be here for a service tech.I just need a replacement modem.I have been a customer for years and never missed or been late on a payment.How can i get them to send me another modem?I am tired of calling them because i spend an hour on the phone and just get a big run around.Won't take me long to switch to another internet provider.

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Re: Troubleshoot your Router & Wi-Fi 101

have not had wifi for three days just went "out" have tried several reboots the router light shows nothing is on with the setup so what now??

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New router installed 2 weeks ago

Now both laptops will not let me post on Facebook also my mouse freezes and has to recycle. I have already rebooted a couple times .
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Wi Fi not working on router

We have a 2 wire 425 router.  Yesterday the wifi went out..red light blinking at wifi, after messing and trying several resets we were able to finally get a stable green light but the signal is very weak and slow.  I only get 2 bars with my laptop right next to it..The signal is not strong enough to be able to go to regular websites...They just time out.  I was finally able to get online by plugging my lap top into an ethernet port.


I have read about outages...Does anyone know if this is part of the outages or what I can try to fix this?  It is getting really annoying.

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Authentication error

All of a sudden my phone gets the Authentication error while connecting to my home WI fi
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Accepted by topic author Community Support
Accepted by ATTU-verseCare
‎12-26-2016 8:44 AM

Issues w/5Ghz drops? Try this

Hope my experience helps people fix their connection issues as they seem to be common.

A buddy of mine had fiber setup with the PACE 5268AC. Each time he streamed video 5Ghz(chromecast) there appeared to be random drops (2-3 in a row which appeared like buffering). Web browsing also seemed to be some and stall out.

Steps taken (not completely resolved until final step):
Keep in mind he only has internet service and not TV.
1- Disabled IPv6 - (no improvement, left it off)
2- Disabled HomePNA - (step 2/3 done at same time)
3- Set Interface Type to: Ethernet

After step 1 not fixing the issue i looked at the router and noticed the ONT was not connected via coax or dsl (green port), just a straight Ethernet connection. The system logs also indicated it kept searching for the DSL many times a day every day.

The default setting when installed is set to automatic (Ethernet/dsl). With that adjustment and HomePNA disabled, there was an immediate speed improvement when surfing the web in all wifi and wired devices. The random disconnects have stopped, as well.

As many errors as were in the system log before, I'm not sure if the router was having a hard time keeping up which caused he drops.

Also, I recommend static IP licenses for your devices to avoid your router having to assign leases/IPs all day and focus on managing wifi/traffic.
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Community Support

Re: Issues w/5Ghz drops? Try this



Great information and thanks for sharing your feedback with the community.



AT&T Customer Care

Need help with an account specific question?  Post a new question here on the forums by clicking the "Ask a Question" button.
For additional support, please visit us at our AT&T services hub.
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*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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I am unable to get Amazon Echo to connect to wi-fi. I do have att internet service.

It always says "Your device was unableto connect your W-Fi network. Please exit and try again.  Can you help me?

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Fustrated with the same Problem no resolution

I have been dealing with the same problem for over a month and when I thought the problem was solved it returned. My internet has been either not working properly or not at all. It was even causing the wireless recievers to cutout thus having to do the reboot procedure on the screen to get reception back. Had Technician out on the 19th of December seem to resolve the issue with the wireless TV reciever but not the wireless. Did the online guide for technician problems with no resolution. Did a chat guide with an att technical representative and he checked the line and had me reboot the system. The problem got worse not better. Texted the technician that serviced me and all he gave me was the same response the guide gave. Finally called and got a woman that was difficult to understand. I explained to her that I needed a technician to come out and fix the problem and all she wanted me to do was go through the same procedures I had already done. I told her that I had done these and that this was getting furstrating and she refused to send a technician without going through this process plus told me it will cost me $149 for the technician to come out if she sends one. I asked to speak to her supervisor and was told they are busy and that they will call back within the hour. 2 HOURS later and no call. I finally went online through my phone using up my data plan to avoid losing connection and spoke on tech chat and now have a technician coming out. I switched to ATT hoping to get better service but as it stands this experience is having me doubt my decision. Hope this message get through and it doesn't get cutoff.


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WiFi drifts off

I have to keep checking settings on my iPhone to make sure I am using WiFi. I have Optimum. I am using too much data each month and my phone is not used excessively. Can you detect what I can do or what I am dong wrong. Thanks!!
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