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DL speeds of .55 to .60 Mbps

I've had AT&T HSI Basic DSL since 2007. Some slow buffering videos. All good until around Dec 2013 (when U-verse became avail in my area). No difference in usage. Lost connections started happening about 10 times a day, every day. Speedtest does not allow for a decimal, so I can only record 0 Mbps on the survey. It's very hard to sell me a new product if the current product is inferior.

I suspect from tyalking to other more knowledgeable net folks, that  I am being throttled back  into purchasing a higher tier. I would be happy with just what I'm paying for, then I might think about moving up to something. Is that to much to ask?

AT&T has just raised my HSI rate to $31/mo recently.

Jacksonville, Florida

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It would surprise me, if they were throttling at all.


I suspect that therre is truly a problem witht the service or equipment.


How old is your modem?  

Are you having trouble on all devices?

Have you looked at the internal diagnostics or speed that the modem is reporting?

Have you called ATT to ask them to look at the line?


If you are uncomfortable troubleshooting on your own, call ATT and complain about slow throughput.  


If you set up an appointment, they will isolate where the trouble is at.  Be prepared, if they find the trouble in the house (wiring or modem), there will be a charge.

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