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HELP!!!My internet frequently drops and reconnects


HELP!!!My internet frequently drops and reconnects

Stating from last Thursday, my internet radomly dropped and reconnectied. The light of broadband just blinks green then red then green again, never stable.

The tech came said that the problem is because I am too close to the VRAD(200ft) but he doesn't know what to do.

Also even when internet is up my TV sometimes just freezes for a couple of seconds and comes back normal. Not sure whether this is also because I am too close to VRAD.I have only one HDTV and internet is 12M.


Any suggestions to solve the problems? Thanks!!!



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Re: HELP!!!My internet frequently drops and reconnects

Doesn't look like you're too close to the VRAD, it looks like line interference or a bridge tap.


See if you can look for and eliminate these sources of interference. Possible sources include:

* Power line interference, such as:
* Fluorescent light ballasts
* High-intensity gas discharge lights like mercury vapor
* Grounding problems, such as improper ground at the NID, the pedestal, etc.
* Electrical system grounding problems, such as improper ground on the RG's outlet, the breaker panel, etc.
* HAM radio broadcasts in the HF band
* AM radio transmissions, such as a nearby radio station

Try to isolate any potential source of these problems and see if you can find one that eliminates the interference.


The other possibility is that there may be a bridge tap on your line. A bridge tap is an extra length of wire attached to your pair that doesn't terminate anywhere. It is usually left over from a previous customer that used your pair. Bridge taps cause problems with xDSL services.

You should call technical support, have them send a premises tech to your house to check the line. He should open a helper ticket with the Installation and Maintenance group (I&M), which are the linesmen, to come find and remove the bridge tap.



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Re: HELP!!!My internet frequently drops and reconnects

My internet performance has gone to almost nothing in the last day or two.  I have no idea what's going on.  I just logged in here for the first time in months and see I got some sort of big promotion.  Thanks for that.  I guess if the internet doesn't straighten out by tomorrow, I'll have to get back in here and ask for some help.

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