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Fixed IP setup challanges.


Fixed IP setup challanges.

I have a fixed IP package from AT&T U-Verse. A 2Wire router was installed. My internal network is working fine and I can connect from inside my network to the Internet. I have successfully made my server available to the Internet and it is working fine. I have set "pinholes" port forwarding to my server successfully. I can host web sites, recieve email etc.



The problem is I can only make my server visible to the Internet by issuing calls to the dynamic IP router address. http://99.57.XXX.XXX This is then successfully passed through to internal IP 192.168.XXX.XXX. I need to have the fixed IP 108.81.XXX.XXX as the external facing IP so my domain can be associated properly and calls to it will see by my internal as 108.81.XXX.XXX. The server is hard wired to the U-verse gateway router and there are no other routers or hubs in my network.



So far, the assistance from AT&T has been below par and they want me to contact their for pay service for assistance. This does not seems fair since they provided me the fixed IPs and I only need what is likely to be a simple fix since everything is working ALMOST. Can anyone help?

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Re: Fixed IP setup challanges.

So nobody knows how to make the provided fixed IP addresses visable to the internet and rount them to my internal IP address/server?  I can't be that hard.  I just can't get AT&T support to tell me how.

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Re: Fixed IP setup challanges.

If you have purchased a block of static IP addresses from AT&T, enter the network block in the Supplementary Network section of the Settings -> Broadband -> Link Configuration page.


Then you can assign static IP addresses to devices from that block on the Settings -> LAN -> IP Address Allocation page.


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Re: Fixed IP setup challanges.

Thanks for your assistance SomeJoe777.


I have purchased the block and I have entered the block in the link configuration page.  When I try to use the assign the address, I get this error:


For the public routed subinterface only WAN IP mapping is allowed.



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Re: Fixed IP setup challanges.




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Re: Fixed IP setup challanges.

To assign a device a static IP from your public pool, the device must first be set to DHCP and the device must have already gotten a private address (192.168.x.x) first.


The device also can't be the DMZ Plus device, it must have only a private address.


After that, select the IP assignment from the static pool using the Address Assignment pulldown.


If this doesn't work, please post the different choices you have under the Address Assignment pull-down and under the WAN IP Mapping pull-down.  I don't have a static IP block, so I can't see the choices that you see.



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Re: Fixed IP setup challanges.

Thanks for your help!  You gave me the clues I need to get the fixed IPs answering.  This was a multi step process. 


  • Set the server to DHCP
  • Set the Address Assignment to: Public (select WAN IP mapping)
  • Reboot server
  • Set Wan IP Mapping to: Public Fixed ( [for some reason 210 was listed as in use... but not in any table...oh well...209 worked fine]
  • Reboot Server

I am not sure the reboots are necessary... but it is how I did it none the less.


At this point the Address Assignment changed to something totally different. Static IP - No DHCP



  I updated my DNS provider info and all is well as far as seeing my server at


  I have another lingering issue, but it is not related to this topic and think it is something to do with my PostFix configuration for email, but that is another subject. Smiley Wink


Again THANKS and I will mark this resolved.





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Re: Fixed IP setup challanges.

Excellent, glad everything's now working! Smiley Happy


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Re: Fixed IP setup challanges.

Can you please, please explain this in terms I can understand?  Where do I make the changes?  To the wired computer or to the iPad?  Thanks so much for any help!!!

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