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Currently have AT&T DSL


Currently have AT&T DSL

And I have several technical questions regarding switching to U-verse. Is there someone willing to correspond with me?  Thank you in advance for your time.

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Re: Currently have AT&T DSL

Post them, there are plenty of people on this forum that can answer your questions.

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Re: Currently have AT&T DSL

I do not know a lot about U-verse but this is our situation: - We have basic Satellite TV and are pretty happy with the price and it provides us with all the entertainment and stupidity we can stand. - We have two phone lines 904-221-xxxx for voice and 904-220-xxxx DSL / fax. Both phone lines are basic features / lowest cost and no long distance capability. Yes, I know I don’t need a second line for DSL but I like the separation. - My wife, 2 sons, and I each have an AT&T cell phone that we use for all of our recreational and business related calling. Mine is 904-307-xxxx. I also tether it to my laptop for email/ internet access when I’m travelling and not near a Wi-Fi spot. - We pay approximately $46.00 a month for Fast Access DSL Extreme 6.0. With four of us performing work / schoolwork / online games, and a streamed video periodically, we are outgrowing our bandwith. This is the driving force behind the inquiry into U-verse. 


These are my questions:

1) I would guess that our house would need to be hard wired for at least one fiber optic cable drop and also fiber optic cabling run from the closest termination point to the outside of our house’ junction box. Who pays for that?


2) I would guess that we would need a new router that would function with fiber optics. Is it furnished for free with a one year agreement


3) Assuming a new modem is required, will it work with my current D-Link DIR-655 router?


4) Would I need to set up the new modem in bridge mode as I have for DSL or will the modem setup be different?


5) In my limited online research, U-Verse appears to be a bundled solution. Is it possible to obtain just the “internet” portion and not the entire package?


6) Based upon research, we should be eligible to obtain up to an 18mb connection. While this is very exciting, I would be very interested in both the initial setup costs as well as the monthly costs. There is probably some kind of promo to switch where the rate is lower. I’m interested in knowing what the costs are after the honeymoon is over. :-) 


7) I would be interested in your candid thoughts on this matter. Advice, issues with U-Verse, etc. Is fiber optic lines susceptible to slowdown as the number of users increase? Peak loading?


Additionally, I know that there is an appeals process when a residence appears to not be eligible. This is our situation but I also know the neighbor 50 yards away has U-verse. I know that doesn't mean anything. I also know that an Engineer has the final say after a formal review. How do I initiate this appeals process? Does it need to be in writing and if so, where do I mail the request? If at the end of the appeal, we are deemed ineligible for U-verse, I would be greatly interested to know the hardware and/or distance restrictions results from the investigation.

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Re: Currently have AT&T DSL

No one seems to want to respond to my questions.


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Re: Currently have AT&T DSL

Welcome, some general answers...

Uverse is first distance based (limited)

The large majority is VDSL Fiber To The Node or FTTN where a local Video Ready Access Device (VRAD) is connected to local phone (copper) cabling that feeds the neighborhood.

Your distance from a VRAD determines type of install (single pair or bonded) and services eligible to receive. If qualify for IPTV can get at least 18M Max Plus either as single or bonded install on the 25M or 32M profile.


Next is the IRAD (internet) install or CO based adsl2+ installs, longer loop length supported than VDSL but at slower speeds. If your best internet speed currently is 6M expect that to be the upper limit on adsl2+ and may be only 3M.


Last is the Fiber To The Premise, FTTP generally only newer greenfield construction in higher priced areas. Most areas are same profiles as FTTN but a few announcements have been made of up to Giga speeds currently in Austin, just hitting Dallas markets.


For internet only installs, single pair, purchase either the 3600 b/g or 5031 b/g/n 2.4ghz (4) 10/100 ports, cost $100 with 1 year warranty.

For internet only bonded installs either long loop length 25M profile or ordered POWER internet on short loop bonded 55M profile receive the $7 per month leased 589 RG.

For rare FTTP the RG is a required $7 per month lease.


Install pricing internet only if 12M or less can choose self install or full tech install $99.

Example 18M single line, requires tech install $99 plus purchased RG $100 total $199.


For all current pricing with available discounts recommend uverse bundle search, once on site in upper left side Build Your Own.


Current price levels before discounts... on VDSL (TV service availability exists)

Pro 3/1 $46, Elite 6/1 $51, Max 12/1.5 $56, Max Plus 18/1.5 $61, Max Turbo 24/3 $71, Power 45/6 $81


If address does not show can request address validation case be opened at 1-800-288-2020.

To my knowledge no details of distance or direction of feed is given, just a yes or no.


If denied may request notification when becomes available.


From announcement of Project VIP to be completed end of 2015.

33 million will have access to tv, internet, VoIP (FTTN or FTTP)

24 million will have access to internet, VoIP only (adsl2+)

19 million will have option of 4G LTE wireless internet/phones.

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