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Copyright Alert Program - AT&T Internet

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Copyright Alert Program - AT&T Internet

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Brief identifying steps for Copyright infringement: 

  •          There are two basic elements of the Copyright Alert Program.  Content owners identify copyrighted content that is being shared over Peer-to-Peer file sharing networks (such as Bit Torrent) and send AT&T a notice of alleged copyright infringement based on the IP Address of the user.


  •          AT&T then identifies the subscriber based on the IP Address and forwards a copyright alert to the subscriber advising them of the allegation and educating them about online copyright infringement. If AT&T receives additional notices for a particular subscriber account, the copyright alerts will escalate, culminating in measures that may impact the customer's high speed internet connection.


Steps for Customer: 

  •          To login/ address the copyright infringement

o   You will want to logon to complete the mitigation tutorial with the primary AT&T Internet member ID for account (same one used to pay bill) with the infringement and complete all steps requested to mitigate this issue.


What happens if customer does not take action?

  •          Not completing steps to address copyright infringement can cause loss of service


Troubleshoot Mitigation Tutorial page issues

  •          Make sure you are logging in with your primary AT&T Internet member ID (ex. @att.net, @sbcglobal.net). If you are not sure you can find it here to ensure proper credit for tutorial.
  •          Password issue:

o   You may need to reset password using the reset password help.

  •          Trouble loading tutorial site try the following:

o   Clear cache & cookies in your web browser and try using different browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer)

o   Reboot both your router and device

  •          Try accessing mitigation page with different devices and on different network such as a friend’s house and different location that is not at your home.
  •          Keep in mind that once tutorial steps have been completed it may take an additional 24 hours for copyright infringement to clear for account.


Additional Steps to take to Secure your Router and Wi-Fi

  •          Set a Strong Password for your Wireless Router
  •          Turn Your Router’s Encryption On for Wi-Fi
  •          Make Sure the Firewall is on
  •          Don’t broadcast your Home Network’s Name
  •          Use – and Regularly Update – Anti-Virus, Spyware and Firewall Software

*It is important to take these easy steps to help ensure that the only people you authorize can access and use your network


If you opted for 3rd party Review or Arbitration 

You will need to access the arbitration site to view the outcome of the 3rd party review request. Typically, these results are also e-mailed to you once a conclusion has been reached for your file.


*For additional information, please go here


Jared, AT&T Community Specialist

AT&T Customer Care

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Copyright Infringement Notices and Tutorial

I have received a fifth and final notice to take a copyright infringement tutorial, when I responded and completed the tutorial weeks ago.  The link to the tutorial doesn't take me there...and an alternative link says it can't process my request.  Chat support was worthless and a waste of time.  How do I put this to rest before they restrict my internet access?


[Inappropriate content removed]

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Re: Copyright Infringement Notices and Tutorial

Who is requesting that you take this tutorial? and what did you do to trigger this requirement?

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Re: Copyright Infringement Notices and Tutorial

AT&T on behalf of Recording Industry Association.  My teenager downloaded a song a couple years ago.

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Re: Copyright Infringement Notices and Tutorial

I was given this link but it doesn't take me to a tutorial. Alternatively I was given the second link that gets me there but says it can't process right now. 




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Re: Copyright Infringement Notices and Tutorial

Nevermind.  After hours online, I was redirected to do this on my smartphone instead of my Mac and it worked.

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AT&T Copyright Infringement

Recently I've received an alert from AT&T about their copyright infringement where I had to take a short quiz about piracy. I did it and the internet went back to normal. I was scared so after that I did some research on Google and found out that if you receive 6 "strikes" (alerts) from AT&T they will terminate your Internet contract.


Is this true that it could happen? I'm living with my relatives so I don't want to cause any trouble for their family. 


Any answer would be appreciated!

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Re: AT&T Copyright Infringement

You were had by a scam.

ATT does not monitor or regulate anyones internet activity until and unlkess they get a warrent from a law enforcement agency.


Not sure how, but would be interesting to report that, to see hwat the feedback is.


I have never heard of a six strikes and you are out internet polocy.


Folks, I stand corrected, and humbly eat crow!  This is for real, and does exist!

And here is the link to prove it:



Interesting.. also found THIS news article...




I have no clue.

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Re: AT&T Copyright Infringement

I took that seriously because I typed in "AT&T copyright" in Google and I logged into AT&T copyright page using my account (actually not mine but I'm responsible for that). I'm 99% sure it's not a scam. From what I've read online there's an anti-piracy program and you get a strike for everytime you "pirate" something. It accumulates upto 6 times then the ISP might do something. 


It would be nice if someone can actually confirm that program is true/active or not. 

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Re: AT&T Copyright Infringement

Where is my head!

I completely forgot about the news reports that reveal, att has been sending users internet activity to the cia and nsa for years.



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Re: Copyright Infringement Notices and Tutorial

Not sure why

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Re: Copyright Infringement Notices and Tutorial

Got a copy right infrigment from att.from my child down loading songs.or videos
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Re: AT&T Copyright Infringement

i rec'd copyright infringement notice the link provided att.com/internet-infringment-acknowledge does not take me to place to acknowlege notice - just rec'd 2nd notice - what do i do?

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Re: AT&T Copyright Infringement

Truthfully, the ONLY entities legally allowed to pursue copyright infringements are the origional copyright holders.

Anyone else, no mater what they think they are doing, have no legal standing to enforce it, and open themselves up to liable and other charges, for doing so, including damages, etc.

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Re: AT&T Copyright Infringement

We also received a copywrite infringment notice and it listed a file name supposed we accessed. I searched my pc for this file and it does not exist. I refuse to click on anything in that email, because I am afraid it is a scam. We never knowingly to our knowledge committed copywrite infringement. According to the definition of copywrite infringement, if someone copies something and benefits from it, that is infringing on the owner of the copywrite. We never watch movies on the internet. We only DVR movies on the Uverse DVR device AT&T provided us with. We pay well over $210 a month to have internet and Uverse. Looks like we need to find a new provider if we are going to be threatened for using our internet. I am a college instructor and teach online. If some student submitted an assignment that was plagiarized and I download the document to my personal PC, am I at risk as well? Seems to me AT&T is doing a bit too much spying. Maybe that is why our internet service stinks. It is slow and has been for a while. Are we being punished for what they think is copywrite infringement? I am speculating, but also concerned and upset if this is true. Maybe this is AT&T's way of making it justified to have our internet strength weened down to snail speed, because that is what we are getting.

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