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Connecting wireless devices through my 2Wire i3812V router


Connecting wireless devices through my 2Wire i3812V router

I'm having major problems connecting wireless devices through my 2Wire i3812V router.   I've been unplugging and rebooting the router several times a day for the last several days -- after returning from vacation -- absolutely not the quality of service I expect from AT&T.


The router's console LAN->Status page, in the "Interfaces" section, shows two active and two inactive devices on the wired router, and zero active zero inactive on the wireless.  In the "Devices" section, with inactives hidden, it shows three wired and two wireless.  The two wireless are the Wii and an older Gateway laptop.


When I show inactive devices, I have an additional nine wireless devices -- a wi-fi printer, several iPhones, and a couple more laptops.  None of these devices can connect to the wireless network.  I've restarted devices, restarted the router via the web UI, and pulled the power cord on the router...  Most of the time, whichever device I'm working on, will eventually  work, and I'll go on about my business, only to have someone complain an hour or two later that such-and-such other device isn't working.


My iPhone at the moment is getting a 169.254.x.x address when it tries to connect to wi-fi -- which from what I can tell means that the DHCP server is not supplying an address.  Why not?  I've rebooted the iPhone, and restarted the 2Wire router...  what's the problem? 


I just now turned off the wifi on my iPhone and turned it back on -- it again came back with the 169.254 address.  I refreshed the event log and system log on the router's webUI -- there are no messages about a DHCP failure.  


While I was writing this, my wife turned on her iPhone and her iPad -- both devices seem to be working over the wifi, but only the iPhone shows up as an active device on the router's webUI.  The iPad still shows up as "not connected" or "off" depending on which list I look at.   I forgot and re-connected the wi-fi on my iPhone; it still claims to connect but fails to receive a DHCP address.  


Any suggestions how to troubleshoot this?  I'm really scratching my head over this one...




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Re: 2Wire router does not connect wireless devices

Yes, I am having a similar problem.  Because of a weak signal from my 2Wire, I have had to go to a Hawking repeater but the 2Wire keeps dropping the signal to the repeater.  How do I set my channel to 11 and my power setting?

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Re: 2Wire router does not connect wireless devices

From the apparent lack of activity in this thread, I would assume either the issue was actually solved or everyone finally either gave up and either went to a competitor or a secondary wireless router. 


After trying all of the suggestions above, I finally gave up and went the secondary wireless router direction. Now, I have a particular application (Directv Genie) that I could get to work with only the AT&T router but it doesn't function with the multiple layers of security introduced by having to go through the two routers from the outside. The 2Wire doesn't really ever allow you to just pass traffic for secondary screening like a true modem. It has DMZ settings, but those don't do the trick. 


I can't get a replacement router commercially for the 2Wire because it uses the Coax from the NID. I'm ready to move to Cox if there is not a real solution for the 2Wire connectivity issues. Are these any new "answers" not included above or a way I can get converted off of the coax?

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