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Re: Changing SSID/Network Key


Changing SSID/Network Key

Kinda new here.  I would have thought someone asked this question before.  Probably have, but I couldn't find it. 


Anyway... How do I change my network name and passkey?  Having 2wire999 as my network name when my neighbors have 2wire888, 2wire777, 2wire555, etc., is confusing enough.  Additionally, I'd like to set up my own passwords as well.

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Re: Changing SSID/Network Key

I have a 2Wire i38HG RG. There are SSID and Wireless Network Key on the sticker.

I am not able to use the network key as the password to login to page to change any setting.


Under that page, I can see the "Settings - System Info - Status - System Password" is set to Default Password. But I am still not able to login to the unit.


Can anyone help?



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‎01-18-2016 9:18 AM

Re: Changing SSID/Network Key

Have 2Wire/Pace, go here.


To change your Wi-Fi Password or Network Name (SSID) on NVG follow these steps:

 How to Change your Wi-Fi Password on NVG uverse logo change.jpg





When setting up a new Wi-Fi password, don't use your name, address, birth date or other things that make it easy for someone to identify you.


Once you have successfully changed your Wi-Fi password (Key), you'll need to reconnect all your Wi-Fi devices using the new password information.


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Re: Changing SSID/Network Key

Trying to connect a camera but it is asking for me to make sure my 2.4GHz Wifi name (SSID) is different form my 5GHz one. How can i do this.

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