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Canceling Service


Canceling Service


Is there a way to cancel U-Verse service?


-I tried called ahead of time during non-busy hours, but they told me I had to wait a couple more days if I dont want a $15 early termination penalty.  (I can't make a cancel request ahead of time)


-I waited a couple of days and tried cancelling through chat, and they're telling me to call the general number



-Now I am back on the phone while typing this forum post, it's been 30 minutes wait already (althrough the voice recording says the expected wait time is 2 minutes!?)



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‎05-31-2016 1:39 PM

Re: Canceling Service



Now you have completed your contract term correct? 


Call the main number and when the automated system asked say you want 
retentions. When conntected politely tell them you are no longer interested in their product and that you want them to completely cancel  service and want to zero out your account and close it.

Then after you do that politely request the first name of the rep and their Oper ID number also tell them you want the work order number too. It is VERY important that you get those numbers do not take NO for an answer, be polite but firm and persistant...Then let a couple of days go by and CALL BACK AGAIN, ask for retentions and ask that they confirm that the first rep you spoke to did what you asked.



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Re: Canceling Service

Home - Landline, non-U-Verse service - How do I cancel it online?  there is no equipment invloved.  I need this effective immediately.  Chris P

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Re: Canceling Service



Unfortunately you cannot cancel your services online. It's a shame because that would be the most effective way to get the job done without any mistakes (deliberate or accidential) by the 

incompetent and unconcerned CSRs on the phone. 


You must call the main number and state you want "retentions" when asked by the automated system. 

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Re: Canceling Service

Cancelling due to a move out of the service area and it has been impossible, on hold, they call back and put ME on hold right away. What happens if I just take the equipment to the UPS Store and just return it? They are intentionally NOT letting people cancel and I will contact my State Better Business Bureau, State Representative and consumer protection. I liked AT&T but can't help that I am moving out of their area. It shouldn't be a run around like this. Total Scam!!

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Att dosent cancel service even after returning modem

I cancelled my internet service 2 months back and returned my modem 2 months back. I took the service under my wife name. Still I see att is billing my account. I called att 8 times to do that for last 2 months, they always say they are going to cancel but they never do. Very frustated about the process they have. I went to the store to do that, they dont provide the service. Now I am thinking that I want to cancel the att wireless. Does anyone has this problem and how did they fixed the issue ?

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Re: Att dosent cancel service even after returning modem

I am in the same boat. Just set up cancellation of internet bc of being lied to twice about a new offer (I have the online chat saved for proof of what I was promised) that they are now saying I can't have. We have 5 cell phones with AT&T (we had 7 for quite a while) and have had them since 2003. I am sick of how AT&T treats loyal customers and I am currently looking at which company to switch our wireless to. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to save money on that too. 

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Re: Att dosent cancel service even after returning modem

This is a good idea! I am also recording the calls as they have repeatedly been dishonest. I'm on hold right now over an hour. They are trying to go around the law by making it impossible to cancel. Who wants to deal with a company with such lack of integrity.


I think every instance like this must be reported to the FCC, FTC, state authorities and more.  I'm also thinking this would make a good news story and a good viral video.. recording the hours and hours of things people can do all while on hold trying to reach ATT to cancel service. #ExposeATTDishonesty

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