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Can't plug in devices to 3600HGV


Can't plug in devices to 3600HGV

So I'm new to the service and I love it (when it works). However I'm having a weird problem. Any of my devices that I plug in to the router causes it to lose DSL connection. Then as the device is trying to reconnect it can get DSL connection but fails getting an IP adress until I remove anything plugged in. 


I've tested multiple cables, multiple computers, rebooted everything multiple times. Re-installed drivers. Tried 3 types of routers, re-crimped my own cables and tried 3 different OSes (Ubuntu, Mac and WinXP).  Wireless works fine without any problems but for my machines which don't have wireless it's a little crappy (and those devices a few rooms away the signal ain't that great). 


I've had a technician come out and he said my signal is fine then he plugged his laptop in and it worked fine for him. This was about a week ago. Internet was fine for a week until I decided to try plugging in my computer. It worked fine for 3 days then started losing DSL signal. 


I call ATT and the technician said I had line errors so their sending someone out to check my outside line. This will be the third technician to come out and try to fix this. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. 


To reiterate: Wired connections, regardless of the device, causes the 2wire 3600HGV to drop DSL and not get an IP address. Wireless devices work fine. 


I've run U-Verse Realtime in case the result shed some light:



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Re: Can't plug in devices to 3600HGV

Many problems all over the place.


  • You have a bridge tap on the line.  A bridge tap is an extra length of wire that is connected to your line that doesn't terminate anywhere.  It is usually left over from a previous customer who was using your pair.  It interferes with VDSL signals and needs to be removed.
  • Your line has a huge amount of noise on it, this could be the result of the bridge tap or may be another source.  When this is combined with the description you have of the line going down when devices are plugged in, this sounds like an electrical grounding issue in your home.  You need to make sure every circuit has a proper ground, and that all the telephone components including the NID outside are properly grounded.  You also need to use electrical noise filters/surge suppressors on all equipment.
  • Your line is on an incorrect profile for Internet-only service.  Your current profile is 19/2, it is supposed to be 13/1.5.


Call tech support and have them send a technician to check the line.  He should call the Installation and Repair group (I&R) to come find and remove the bridge tap.


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Re: Can't plug in devices to 3600HGV

Well this is probably the best answer I've received in a while. Thanks!


So would these problems be why it drops DSL connections whenever I plug in a wired device?

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Re: Can't plug in devices to 3600HGV

There are definitely line problems, so once those are sorted out and fixed either the devices will work properly, or there will be another problem that can then be concentrated on.


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