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Can someone look at my UV Realtime Screenshots?


Can someone look at my UV Realtime Screenshots?

First, a little back story. Starting this past Spring, I was having issues with HD video glitching on my bedroom STB but never on my DVR. A tech came out in early August and replaced the diplexer which fixed the problem. From that point on, I also started to see fewer UVRT errors which I attributed to the new diplexer. The last set of screenshots that I took were from late August but I was monitoring things throughout September and was seeing consistently good stats. I just returned home yesterday from a 2 week trip and took a look at my UVRT stats to see if everything was still working well. To my surprise, there seem to be a lot of issues with the stats now. Apparently there was some sort of issue on October 3rd as I see that the last event for most of the error types on the Error Table tab was 11 days ago. But my bigger concern are the stats on the IP/Profile tab. I am seeing a lot of red in areas that I never saw red before. I have had U-verse service for almost 2 years and have never see any issues on this tab until now. I have posted the last set of screenshots that I have from August 26th along with the current ones for comparison. I've only been back home for 1 day but so far, I have not seen any issues with either my TV or internet service yet. Should I be concerned that my Line Capacity is now showing 92.7 when it has always been in the 60's in the past? My Bits In Use has generally been in the low to mid 80's but is now well over 100%. And I have gone from having 1,400-2,000 Reserve Bits to almost 1,000 Over-committed Bits. Should I have AT&T send someone out to investigate? What would I even tell them since I haven't noticed any service problems yet? Any help or advice is appreciated. Thanks!

















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Re: Can someone look at my UV Realtime Screenshots?

Your RG hasn't been rebooted in 44 days ... reboot it first, and then wait about 15 minutes for the line to stabilize. After that, take another screenshot of IP/Profile and Bitloading and post them here.

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Re: Can someone look at my UV Realtime Screenshots?

Thanks SomeJoe. I rebooted the RG and the IP/Profile tab looks much better. Was the problem that I actually had bad stats that got cleared up by the reboot or was UVRT misreporting bad stats due to the long time between reboots? I've posted the new screeenshot below.





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Re: Can someone look at my UV Realtime Screenshots?

UVRT was reading correctly. The problem was with the RG.

The RG is designed to dynamically adapt to line conditions. When interference occurs on certain frequencies, the RG will block out those frequencies on the line and not use them. This lowers the max rate.

When the interference clears, the RG is supposed to be able to reclaim those frequencies but often it doesn't.

What probably happened is that there was some transient interference (lightning, thunderstorm, RF transmission, etc.) that caused the RG to block out a lot of frequencies, but then it never recovered them when the interference cleared. The reboot caused a complete renegotiation of usable frequencies with the VRAD, restoring your original max rate.
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Re: Can someone look at my UV Realtime Screenshots?

That makes sense. Thanks for the help!

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