Can no longer send from account


Can no longer send from account

Have had the same setup in Outlook for years.  Outgoing through  Uverse hook up. email account since the mid 90's.


Stopped sending emails a few days ago.  dsl reports doesn't show anybody else in Houston having sending issues so figure I might have something unique.  Only thing I have sorted out is that my wife clicked on a shoppybag email from a buddy who practices reliably poor email practices.  Never signed up but did click.


Can still send from webmail account.  Just not Outlook.  Any thoughts?



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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Can no longer send from account

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Re: Can no longer send from account

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Had tried that after using the search function on the att website, but didn't work for some unknown reason so had redone settings back to the old standby (and long time functional)  This time after using the settings (and rebooting my uverse router box just in case) all is well.


Thanks for the quick reply and have a great weekend!

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