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Bandwith Limit meter?


Bandwith Limit meter?

Where can I view to see how much bandwith I have used? I know we get 250 gig but I also do backups and work in the music business where I download large music files to master recordings. I just cant find where I can see how much I have used?

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Re: Bandwith Limit meter?

jimgfitzgerald wrote:

I don't know, but they can.  It's not something you need to worry about.

That sounds like an AT&T answer, JimSmiley Wink








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Re: RE: caps on U-Verse

texasguy37 wrote:

A bandwidth cap for U-verse internet were added to the Terms of Service (TOS) Agreement in May 2011; however, it is currently not being enforced.

Any idea if (and when) it is coming?


The first thing I asked the sales rep was : "are there bandwidth caps in place?" and the answer was a resounding 'no' (that was back in February). I was kind of unhappy to hear just a couple of months later that this was going to change. 


So for now we are on borrowed time, but as soon as they turn on metering I imagine many people will jump ship (including myself ... curse the one-year contract. )

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Re: RE: caps on U-Verse

No, no word as to if are when a internet bandwidth cap might be enforced.


Also, the sales rep was correct, there is no U-verse internet bandwidth cap in place.

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Re: RE: caps on U-Verse

I hate using references to my previous experiences with Comcast (it seems to irritate a few individuals on these forums for some reason), but before their 250GB cap was actively enforced, they DID warn the high users at least 2 or 3 times before a full disconnection in a written letter. Once they did come clean and say, "Yes, we're going to cap", they didn't start truly enforcing it until the meter was in place, so it was a matter of months from announcement to actual implementation.


They are right in that only about 3-5% of customers are ones who will go over. The most use I had in one especially heavy month was about 30% of the 250GB, and I didn't have torrents or Netflix running for hours on end.


Most "regular" users get paranoid about going over the 250GB cap, when they're not going to be affected unless they drastically change their internet use habits.

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