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Re: Att uverse and macbook problems


Att uverse and macbook problems

I Dont know what is going on, we Jutes moved an have att uverse, we had att internet at our old house with the 2wire router it worked great.

now we have the nvg589 motorola router/modem.

we have 2 dell laptops and a hp desktop, a ps4 a few iphones and iPads connected to the router. All the devices are working great and surfing the web.

the problems lies with my personal work/school MacBook Air. I can connect to the router fine with a full signal strength. I can go on yahoo, youtube and facebook no problem and i can even search for any website using yahoo search engine.

WHen i click and load up a web page it loads for ever and eventually says server not found

IVe ve tried changing my dsn, and even hardwiring the Ethernet into my macbook. Still the same problem.

i Called att and they said make sure the ipv6 is enabled and that it isn't enabled by default and that is most likely the problem. they said if that doesn't resolve it to contact apple for help configuring it. Well the ipv6 was indeed enabled already so at this point im clueless on what to do. Changing the ips isn't an option.

please help me im thinking something isn't configured correctly. I've read that the att uver new router nvg589 isn't 100% compatible with iOS . I dont know how true that is but it seems like it at this point.
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‎02-14-2016 9:57 AM

Re: Att uverse and macbook problems

@Jodeh43 Tech was wrong, disable IPv6, causes nothing but problems on Uverse RGs.


Also see the SJ post:

Please Read for a Potential Solution

For many people, the DHCP problems with the 2Wire/Pace/Motorola routers can be solved by configuring the RG as follows:

1. Go to and find the RG's wireless configuration page.

2. Change the setting "Wi-Fi Protected Setup" to Disabled.

3. Change the setting "Authentication Type" to WPA2-PSK (AES).

4. Click the "Save" button at the bottom.

5. This procedure may ask for your RG's password. The default password for your RG is printed on a sticker on the side of the RG (3600HGV, 3800HGV-B, 3801HGV and NVG589/510) or on a white sticker on the backup battery (i3812V).

Disabling WPS should help with the DHCP timeout issue and general wireless connection problems.

Setting authentication specifically to WPA2-PSK/AES improves connection reliability on Macs and other Apple products.


Good luck Smiley Wink



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Re: Att uverse and macbook problems

Wow. I was about to cancel UVerse and call Comcast (yikes!). No joke. I have a house full of MacBooks and iPhones. Our area recently became available to upgrade to the 50 Mbps internet speed so I jumped on upgrading. They replaced my router with the Motorola SVG589. We ran speed tests and everything was looking great. Then for the next two months I almost went insane. The internet would just freeze up all the time when loading certain pages or video. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Gmail seemed to be the worst but it was spread out. Pages either wouldnt load or would stop loading. Maybe have the pics would show up and half wouldn't. I a good amount of time trying to reconfigure my Time Capsule and Airport Expresses, move them around, set them up differently. I tried the SVG589s wifi, the Airport wifi, everything. Nothing fixed this. It was so frustrating. But if I ran a speed test, 50Mbps down. It was weird and I know a tech would probably tell me everything seems fine. I even bout inSSIDer to troubleshoot. Seriously, about to call Comcast when I found this post. I turned off ALL IPv6 settings and it seems like all issues have gone away - for good. So, THANK YOU!  But now I worry, isn't IPv6 far superior to IPv4? Should I expect any degratiation in speed or anything? Would a new router fix this issue or is it Macs and Uverse in general?  Thanks for the help.  (Whats an SJ "Also see the SJ post:")

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Re: Att uverse and macbook problems

Another thing that helped (pre ipv6) is to change theDNS server. Use google - Under Preferences/Network.

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Re: Att uverse and macbook problems

IPv6 is just a larger addressing system. It's not superior to IPv4, except that we're running out of IPv4 addresses, so it's best if more people switch. 


With a recent U-verse NVG589 modem upgrade, I ran into some IPv6 issues (on our wired Macs) with YouTube videos and some web pages getting stuck a few seconds in. I spent a lot of time experimenting with settings in the modem, but ultimately, a simple switch in OS X Network > TCP/IP > Configure IPv6 from 'Automatic' to 'Link-local only' has completely solved all issues. I believe this uses IPv6 on the local NAT, but still presents IPv4 to the world (anyone?). Whatever it does, it works. I'd rather use IPv6 all-around to be a good netizen, but I don't know if we're completely ready for it.


@GorkOnABranch wrote:

I turned off ALL IPv6 settings and it seems like all issues have gone away - for good. So, THANK YOU!  But now I worry, isn't IPv6 far superior to IPv4? Should I expect any degratiation in speed or anything? Would a new router fix this issue or is it Macs and Uverse in general?  Thanks for the help.  (Whats an SJ "Also see the SJ post:")


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Re: Att uverse and macbook problems

Just giving feedback:
Followed post by mibrnsurg May 6, 2015 and it worked without having to change TCP/IP ipv4 (using dhcp) & ipv6 (automatically). Thank you for the advice!

Btw, am using Pace modem and just had it installed today. All androids/iphones/ipad in the house working until i checked my macbook air with OS El Capitan and didn't connect! Good thing I found this post. Thanks again for the help mibrnsurg !!!
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Re: Att uverse and macbook problems

Worked for our MacBooks!! Thank you so much!
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Re: Att uverse and macbook problems

 thank you so much. ATT wanted to charge me $50  for technical support. I added my MacBooks mac address to the list of ones accepted and boom i connected/Smiley Happy

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Re: Att uverse and macbook problems

When I connect my MacBook Pro via Wi-Fi at my house, Internet bandwidth is usually VERY slow.  AND, other devices that are connected to the Wi-Fi fail because of the slow internet.  All of the other devices work OK when my MacBook Pro is not connected to the Wi-Fi.  I had AT&T come to investigate.  They checked all their hardware and ran tests from their end.  They tell me that everything is OK from their side.  All of this suggests that the problem is with my MacBook Pro.


However, using Wi-Fi to connect my MacBook Pro anywhere else works OK.  This suggests that the problem is with the AT&T hardware at my house.


I tried both fixes suggested by user mibrnsurg on May 6, 2015.  1) I have disabled IPv6 and 2) I have changed the setting for Wi-Fi Protected Setup to Disabled.  I was already using Authentication Type WPA-2-PSK.  I also tried using OpenDNS' DNS, instead of the AT&T DNS.  That change didn't make any difference.


My MacBook Pro is ~3 years old.  I'm using macOS Mojave, version 10.14.2.  I have not been able to identify any hardware or software change that was made immediately before the problem first occurred, about 3 weeks ago.  I have also not been able to identify why it occasionally partially works.  When this happens, I seem to get about 50% bandwidth and the other devices on the Wi-Fi don't fail when I connect the Mac.

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Re: Att uverse and macbook problems

Today I turned off Wi-Fi on my MacBook Pro and connected it to the AT&T router using an ethernet cable.  The symptoms are the same as when I connect the Mac via Wi-Fi: Internet bandwidth on the Mac is VERY slow and my other internet devices fail.  This shows that the problem has nothing to do with Wi-Fi.  The problem is when my Mac is connected to AT&T.

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Re: Att uverse and macbook problems

I am following this post closely, and interested to see that people are still commenting on it. I have AT&T U-Verse wifi, and a Macbook pro running El Capitan (and previously High Sierra).  All internet connectivity seems to work reasonably well, except for the connection between Apple Mail and my mail server. It works intermittently, but unexpectedly (and frequently) comes up with "Account Error" and triangular explanation point, indicating failure. My best solution is to turn off Wifi and turn it back on, and everything connects again until the next failure. But this is exhausting me.  I have to do this approximately every 10 mins, maybe more frequently.  I have tried all the settings suggested above (and others), but nothing seems to make a difference.


Note, I don't experience this issue with ANY OTHER wifi connection, either public or private.  Just my AT&T U-Verse at home.


Any other suggestions?

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Re: Att uverse and macbook problems


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Re: Att uverse and macbook problems

Very interesting. I'm having the exact problem as @ghoffman. 2016 Macbook Pro has a very poor connection in most of the house when connected to AT&T Uverse router via Wifi. I can site 4 feet away from the router and the connection is still extremely slow most days. I have an older Macbook Air and when I run wifi tests with both at the same location, the Air has no issues. I took the Pro to Apple and they said there were no issues with the Macbook Pro. I discovered that the Macbook seems to have trouble connecting to the AT&T router on the 5Ghz band but works fine on 2.4Ghz. There is no way to force the Mac to 2.4 and if I turn off the 5Ghz band, I can't use the Wifi Extender that helps other devices in remote parts of the house. The Pro works fine connecting to 5Ghz networks elsewhere which tells me that there is something with the AT&T hardware/software. AT&T has already replaced the router once and a tech came out to test the signal around the house and recommended getting a different brand router. A wired connection works fine. I can get 1.1Gbps.

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