AnyConnect Port Conflict


AnyConnect Port Conflict

I have AT&T Uverse for internet and cable.  I use Cisco AnyConnect to access my VPN for work but although the VPN says it's connected, the speeds are extremely slow (i.e., 0.5M/s).  I am able to use the computer and connect through the VPN at other locations like Starbucks without a problem but at home it will not work.  I've tried setting the computer to DMZplus mode and disabling various parts of the firewall without any luck.  We tried calling tech support but L1 didn't understand any of the concepts and the pay-for-service support doesn't support VPN issues.


I've reviewed a lot of the forums and it looks like AnyConnect uses port 443 but this port is automatically assigned by AT&T for the WAP used for the wireless cable box.  We setup the wireless cable box a few months ago but we disconnected it and it is no longer attached to the network.  Is there anyway to unblock/free up this port or otherwise resolve the issue?


If I am unable to get this resolved, I am going to have to switch providers since my job requires me to work from home and that is not possible right now.




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Re: AnyConnect Port Conflict

Hi @nvalle206,


I apologize about the issues you are having with your VPN connection, but I will be glad to help. Since it was able to connect, I do not think there is a port issue anymore, but to be safe, you may want to reset the router.

I have actually encountered issues in the past where certain sites/VPN connections were suffering from a slow speed. Here is a helpful article that may help out. One thing that seems to help is to follow how to disable the ECN capability, as it seems to help out a lot.


Hope this helps.


-David T

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Re: AnyConnect Port Conflict

Just wondering if there is any fix for this having the same issue with AnyConnect. Extremely slow when connected.

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Re: AnyConnect Port Conflict

Did you ever get resolution on this...???


I am suddenly having this issue, as of 4 weeks ago. And of course neither AT&T or my company can figure it out - so it has been more than frustrating. 


But in reading the forums, and doing google searches - I can see I am not alone. 


Please comment back if you were ever to find resolution, and what it was, or if it fixed itself. 



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Re: AnyConnect Port Conflict

I just started having this issue. Did you get a fix?

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Re: AnyConnect Port Conflict

I contacted support via chat and they tweeked my settings real quick. Getting nearly full throughput speeds. Resolved Smiley Happy
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