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ATT monopoly of internet at my location is terrible


ATT monopoly of internet at my location is terrible

My DSL is so bad I have even been in contact with the office of the president of AT&T and they have refused to grant a waiver to allow me to have multiple DSL lines to my residence. I live on a golf course with 1/2 million dollar homes nearby so giving better quality and higher speeds here could increase profits for AT&T but apparently profits and customer service are not what they are after. But monopolies usually don't care about those things anyway. It's time the government steps in to break AT&T up again.


Anyway. I am lucky to get 15 mb dl and 0.8 upload. Last night it was 0.35 dl and 0.96 ul. Being that they don't care, I have decided I will do online chat or call evertime it does this, which amounts to 3-10 times per day.


Their fix is to reboot the modem. Of course they tell me that it won't affect my wifi SSID or password, but it always goes back to default when they do it and I have to go in a change it.


And then to top it off, they have the gall to send me a bill yesterday. lol. I'm pretty sure with the logs I'm keeping that no judge will rule in their favor when I stop paying the bill and they sue me for non-payment, because they have broken their contract and not provided me with anything near the service of Internet 18.


So i get on online chat last night late. then, just like making a phone call, they end the chat before even chatting with me. That was after waiting for someone for over an hour. So I get back on. 1 hour later still no person available. Now I know their just hanging me out to dry until they stop accepting chats at 1 am. Sure enough that was the case. Screenshots all around for later use.


Until it's fixed, no payment. If they drop me, then the 3 hotspots we have from cell service will have to suffice. I'm sure they do not care about the bad reviews and word-of-mouth reviews I will give. But I have to do it.


stupid monopolies.

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