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AT&T Fixed wireless internet missing port forwarding setting


AT&T Fixed wireless internet missing port forwarding setting

Hey everyone,

I just had the fixed wireless internet installed yesterday. The service works great and is way better than HughesNet. However when I booted up my PS4 to play some Destiny 2 I got a message saying that my NAT was a type 3. Logging into the router page to setup the PortForwarding/DMZ to open up the NAT some I cannot find the proper tab. It says to go to the settings tab>Firewall>Applications, Pinholes and DMZ. I do not have that tab, the only tabs I have under firewall are Status, Advanced Config and Firewall rules. None of those tabs allow me to port forward or setup a DMZ. 


Has anyone else ran into this issue? What can I do about this? I would really prefer just to turn the firewall on the AT&T router off and just use my own router. I have the AT&T Pace 5268AC modem/router.


Thanks for your help,


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Re: Re: Re: Re: AT

You can not have an open NAT on Fixed Wireless. As it is. You are sharing a
single public IP with 100's of private IP's behind it. This is pure bad
network protocol & lazy. They should be using dual stack IPv4/v6. IPv4 only
can address 4 billion devices. IPv6 can support...there is a number but
it's like every grain of sand in the world....AT&T is not being proactive
into migrating their network (Fixed Wireless). Instead they are having you
share one public IPv4 with 100's......one mailbox 100 homes
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Re: AT

Well some of my banks I do business with let me use AT&T fixed wireless and some don't. I have a small bank that requires a static IP address and also my IRA custodian requires a static IP address. I cannot use either site w AT&T Fixed Wireless.  I have to hook up my Verizon Wireless hot spot and access those sites via Verizon. AT&T needs to resolve this. Ridiculous.

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Re: AT

I apologize AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet does not currently support devices or services which require static IP addresses, such as port forwarding, Web hosting, or hosting services such as camera, gaming server, or peer to peer. We hope to be able to implement this capability in the future, and thank you for your patience regarding this matter.

Have a great rest of your day!

Jordan, AT&T Community Specialist


This post is 11 months old, but it appears at&t still refuses to fix this issue why????

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Re: AT

There is no solved solution for this issue, just an half answer informing everyone of the systems lack of working and AT&T's inability to fix the situation.

11 months and still not fixed??

Logging into secured web-sites is another huge problem with the fixed wireless system and I am shocked AT&T's lack of responsibility for assuring we the customers have a viable and full working system. 

I do not game or anything such as that, but I will not have system that only partially works.


AT&T where is the fix and why has it taken so long without a fix thus far??

Why is fixed wireless operating like a proxy server??

Why not correct the modem to where it will latch and keep an IP address once it has called for one??


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Re: AT

I did some testing on this fixed wireless before disconnecting and can verify this:

On a http:// website the IP did not change with 4 posts created in a single topic in 7 minutes

On a https:// website the IP changed 6 times with 6 posts created in a single topic over a span of 11 minutes.


AT&T is screwing with everyone since their fixed wireless will not hold an IP on a https website, they actually have this programmed to do such.

When a modem calls for an IP to access the net, it should hold that IP until you are done.

My AT&T DSl doesand every other internet provider I have used. 


So AT&T tell everyone why your fixed wireless changes IP at every single click of the mouse or log in on an https web-site???


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Re: AT

this is so frustrating, some games work some don't, I stream (well use to when i had spectrum and lived in town) game play and now some of my games work and some don't!  Activision games all have strict nat type for me with att fixed wireless.  No use to purchase any COD games now.  With the data cap I never have a bill under $100, with spectrum I could play whatever and steam whatever for $79.99 unlimited 200mbs download speed.  NO NAT type issues at all.  Just between my cell and fixed wireless ATT gets almost $400/month out of me.  It's a joke, data caps in today's world is dumb, everything is going to online.  I'm under contract but luckily i recorded the phone call with the att rep that told me right before I started service with them that all of my games should work just fine same with my streaming.  This months bill $140 and can't even play/stream half the games i'd like to because of the NAT issues. I was lied to before starting the service!

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Re: AT

Try blazinghog .com they are.upnp..pings average .35 speeds up to 70mbs unlimited.fixed wireless is garbage for gaming just like the rest of at&t services..i pay that much or more never had a bill under $120.. Had them for 6 months..they also keep telling me we are working on it supposed to get better for gamers( highly doubtful) just blowing smoke once again..but yet att uverse has 1tb cap which is bunch of crap i think all data caps should be the same for all services.

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Re: AT

Unfortunately I have the same issue and I’m still under the trail period. I’ve told them from the get go and have all records that I game. They said I’ll have no problems... still can’t play with friends nor chat. Att says they are improving and expanding their dsl service but I have a hook up for dsl about 50yards away. They refuse to allow me to get dsl Bc they have to install a new line. 

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Re: AT

I  have played fortnite on my pc at my house with my nephew while he plays on his PS4 at his house, no problem.  When they bring their PS4 here they can do pretty much everything, no issues.  The PS3 however had problems when we tried to join each others games. 

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Re: AT

Would i be able to run pc games on fixed wireless, i have great signal in my location, and posably no one useing the internet service un my area.. 

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Re: AT

If you have a requirement to open a port (port forwarding) such that you can allow play with others I am afraid you are out of luck. AT&T fixed wireless does not currently provide that capability. Can’t say if they ever will.

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Re: AT

Idk what "Port Forwarding" means?

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Re: AT

Inbound port forwarding doesn't require a static IP address. It will work with the current external, publicly-routed IP address on the Internet side of the router.


All port forwarding requires is a firewall rule at the router which will allow inbound traffic and then an appropriate port forwarding configuration with Network Address Translation.

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