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AT&T Fixed wireless internet missing port forwarding setting

Hey everyone,

I just had the fixed wireless internet installed yesterday. The service works great and is way better than HughesNet. However when I booted up my PS4 to play some Destiny 2 I got a message saying that my NAT was a type 3. Logging into the router page to setup the PortForwarding/DMZ to open up the NAT some I cannot find the proper tab. It says to go to the settings tab>Firewall>Applications, Pinholes and DMZ. I do not have that tab, the only tabs I have under firewall are Status, Advanced Config and Firewall rules. None of those tabs allow me to port forward or setup a DMZ. 


Has anyone else ran into this issue? What can I do about this? I would really prefer just to turn the firewall on the AT&T router off and just use my own router. I have the AT&T Pace 5268AC modem/router.


Thanks for your help,


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Re: AT

That's what I did, ended up getting refunded $100 for the issues. They said
with the tech they're using there's no way to make it the way we want it
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Re: AT

Yeah and they keep sayi ng the are working on it but i called 5 months ago and still say the same rhing...att has to be the worst when they think they are the best..they just want control over everything
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Re: AT

Fixed wireless sits behind a network based firewall and NAT which prevents port forwarding from working.  You can not reach your home network remotely for things like webcams like you can with other broadband services.

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Re: AT

Well it needs to be changed..cant game with it or much of anything
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Re: AT

Aside from elder scrolls online, I've been able to game just fine on it.
Ps4 wtih destny 2, the crew, ghost recon woodlands, no man's sky. And Xbox
one with sea of theives and for Honor.

Occasionally I'll have a nat issue using party chat but I'll deal with that
over using highesnet or excede again.
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Re: AT

So are you saying that att fixed wireless internet does allow us to play online multiplayer games like call of duty and PUBG etc on xbox live and ps4? I'm in the same boat having to deal with either fixed wireless internet or satellite internet. I cant figure out for the life of me if att fixed wireless internet will allow our family to play online multiplayer games on xbox live. The techs i talk to dont even know what att fixed wireless is, they keep telling me its not called fixed wireless and that its their hot spot plan im talking about. So frustrating..

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Re: AT

I don't play pubg or cod but I've played many other online games with no
issues. Was even on FF14 for awhile and it played great.

I usually get about 20-25ms ping times and 45+ Mbps down, 5-7mbps up.
Compared to highesnet which was around 700ms ping and never faster then
20mbps down and less then 1mbps up.

Just understand you'll have occasional nat issues for ps4 party chat
depending on how your friends have thier nat set up. Usually I don't have
an issue except for when a buddy is stuck playing in a hotel. Between the
hotel having a stricter nat and the fixed wireless nat it takes multiple
tried to get party chat to work.
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Re: AT

Thanks for the response. I looked online and it said fixed wireless was available to me but when i just called and talked to a fixed wireless rep he said it was not available to me yet. I guess im going to have to go with the local fixed wireless company instead since att appears to not be able to get their facts straight. It is good to know that you are able to play online multiplayer games. Do you, or anyone else on this forum, know what the specific restrictions are of att fixed wireless service?i know it doesnt support things that require a static ip address but i dont really know what that all encompasses, i thought it included xbox live gaming but it sounds like maybe thats not the case. Thanks again.

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Re: AT

I know some people have been unable to access thier security cameras and
those type of things. I have a nest and am able to talk with that though. I
am unable to use the PlayStation Vue TV service though because Vue wants my
IP to be based in the location of my billing zip code and because the fixed
wireless IP bounces across the country I get locked out of the Vue service
until the IP shows up in my zip area again.
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Re: AT

We were installed a couple days ago and so far my XBOX ONE X and PC can play games fine on Fixed Wireless. The Switch however, is a no go. As I understand it Nintendo games are P2P which Fixed Wireless doesn't support so I have to use my Verizon Cell as a hot spot for that device. Everything else is fantastic on AT&T's fixed wireless.


Only minor complaint's I have is I cannot access my Bank w/o a VPN and my signal strength is always 3 bars with occasional dips to 2 bars but the tech assured me it's sufficient for this service and I never have drop out's so it's good. Coming from Viasat (formally Exede) this was a massive upgrade and I do not regret it one bit. The bonus 340 GB package alone was worth moving from Satellite. AT&Ts customer support is great  too

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Re: AT

AT&T FWI uses non-public IP Addresses (10.x.x.x) internally to assign to the PACE gateways.  Each request you make out to a server on the internet may be assigned a different public IP Address.  This is why port forwarding and some games do not work.  AT&T has to make fundamental changes to their IP Address scheme and router maze to fix this issue.   There is a way around this however .... here's what I did:

- Purchased VPN service from a provider that allowed port forwarding (I'm using PureVPN and I'm NOT entirely happy with them)

- Purchase a router that can act as a VPN client (I'm using an Asus RT-N66U with Merlin FW)

- I have the Asus router behind the AT&T provided PACE router and only the machines that I want to forward traffic through are going through Asus router and over the VPN.  All other devices on my network connect to the internet through the standard AT&T PACE router.

- Set up the router to connect to your VPN provider as a VPN client.  On my router I had to manually configure the proper port forwarding settings via the command line. 

- You'll need a Dynamic DNS provider (I'm using no-ip.com)


It does work.  I can get to my web server, email server, and security cameras at home using AT&T FWI.   Here are some problems I've run into:  

PPTP and L2TP do not work over AT&T FWI.  Because these use protocols other than TCP/UDP, AT&T must not have their router maze configured to pass this traffic.  That means that if you are trying to connect to your VPN at work over either of these protocols, you are out of luck.  OpenVPN is the only VPN protocol that works on AT&T FWI and is also supported on my Asus router, so this is what I'm using.  My VPN provider has been less that reliable at keeping their servers up and running.  Either that or they are changing configurations around and not publishing the information (such as changing keys/certificates).  


The setup for this solution is complex and seems to require frequent attention (due to issues at the VPN provider), but it IS possible. 

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Re: AT

I got around the NAT issues I was having by purchasing a subscription to NordVPN and dedicating another PC as a VPN server and sharing the LAN Connection with the devices experiencing NAT problems. Nord also comes with a Firefox Plugin so I can login to my Bank using the VPN. I'm reasonably happy with this solution for now.

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Re: AT

I have a PC for our camera security system with POE connected to all the cameras. So can I use that PC to run the VPN for the cameras and run everything else through fixed wireless? Do I need a separate router too? I have satellite internet which is awful and would love to try fixed wireless, but JUST setup this security system.

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Re: AT

It works to an extent but beware you will rack up one heck of a bill ..mine was a little over 200  and hardly did much multiplayer gaming


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Re: Re: Re: Re: AT

AT&T tells me it's not possible to open NAT, at least the fixed wireless tech support says its impossible. The uverse tech support on thebother hand was able to give me an open NAT that lasted until it was noticed by some other att employee, i'm assuming. There is jo other explanation for me having a open NAT immediately after requesting it via tech support chat. I was pretty happy, then BAM att crushed my good mood and whatever hope i had for good customer service. I don't believe it's impossible, i believe they are blocking access to it. Why? I have no clue.

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