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3801RG capabilities

3801RG capabilities

Followup to my bjenkinsnc post that I can't get back to???


I have new install of 3801 RG.


I have RV110W Cisco router that provides per port mappings (like Vlan).


Port 1 to 168.2.1


Port2 to 168.3.1


Put put wan of cisco to lan of RG and can access internet thru each port of Cisco.


Does this provide a reasonable level of security when different systems are connected using the individual ports?





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Re: 3801RG capabilities

Yes, that could also keep the networks separate, provided you put all general computers on one network (say, on the 3801HG's ports) and the point-of-sale computers on the other network (on the ports of the Cisco RV110).

That is essentially what I was discussing in the other post -- this uses the Cisco router to separate the networks, and the different subnets on each side of the Cisco to satisfy routing criteria.

Now you can (or not, you don't have to) use VLANs to run both networks over the same physical wiring if necessary.

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Re: 3801RG capabilities

To get my test started, I simply plugged the wan i/f of the Cisco into the LAN port of the RG. I did not go through the complete procedure as your post instructs for bridge mode. Yet, it all seems to work. The ip of the Cisco is an RG assigned ip.


Should I go back and follow the bridging instructions explicitly, including firewall changes?


I am greatful to be able to bounce this off someone like SomeJoe and all the other experts here.

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Re: 3801RG capabilities

If you just plugged it in without going through the steps, it will work to give you Internet, but the network behind the Cisco will be doing double NAT. This can impact performance.
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Re: 3801RG capabilities

Thanks for the solid advice. I was hoping I could get by with just the router, but I simply put a D-Link 8 port smart switch in front of the router and lan A can't see lan B, they can share a printer on a seperate switch port, and share the internet port. Nice device for 60 bucks. Thanks again.
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