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u-verse "no signal"


u-verse "no signal"

U-verse installed just yesterday. Watched TV for 4-5 hours last night. This morning, "lost signal" and "no signal" messages. Tried resetting all devices numerous times. Called tech support. When they tried remote reset said a wiring problem was detected. Said they could send technician Monday and there would be no charge to me if the problem was found to be on at&t side. I can't be here during the week for a service call, thus why I scheduled the install on a Saturday. Tech support checked with supervisor to ask for tech to come today and it was approved. Then was told the request was rejected by the load supervisor. I asked to be transferred to cancellation, she tried and then came back with M-F 8 to whatever. So, I will be calling to cancel.
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Re: u-verse "no signal"

There are different messaged....

A blue screen with a list of things to try is no signal from the RG.

A simple screen loss signal is a message from the TV of no input signal


If the later make sure your input is correct for your situation....TV, video 1, video 2, component 1, component 2, HDMI 1, hdmi2 etc.


If on HDMI, try unplugging and replugging the HDMI cable to ensure proper seating or move from HDMI to component cables as some TVs have handshaking issues with Uverse receivers when turned off and back on.


Breaking the connection allows a new attempt at handshaking if HDMI issue.

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Thank you My Thoughts. The modem is not getting signal. 2...

Thank you My Thoughts. The modem is not getting signal. 2 TV's on RGB and 1 on HDMI. If I can get the u-verse logo to display, then it just clocks, trying to connect..
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Modem: Ethernet green, sometimes solid, sometimes slow fl...

Modem: Ethernet green, sometimes solid, sometimes slow flash.
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Modem: BBC 1 & 2 move from solid green to fast flashing g...

Modem: BBC 1 & 2 move from solid green to fast flashing green to flashing 're. Service light either off to flashing green.
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Re: u-verse "no signal"

Best option is to dump this crappy service. I've had it for two months and the have been here twice to fix it., I was without phone. internet and TV for three days. They have sent 3 repairmen here and my TV picture still freezes every couple of minutes. Sometimes my TV shows an incoming call on the screen but my phone doesn't ring. I've talked to tech support and rebooted all systems until I'm blue in the face. The problem is never  in my house but always on "the line". Waited an entire day for them to send someone to tell me that and that since it was up on the pole, it would have to be refered to facilities which couldn't come until the next day. Another day of sitting around waiting. I'm over ATT. First chance I get, I'm going back to Comcast. A little more expensive but at least it worked. 

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Re: u-verse "no signal"

I had the same problem with a Vizio TV. Worked great with Comcast and various DVD and Blu Ray players, but no signal every time the TV was turned off and on when connected to the U Verse Cisco STB. Unplugging the HDMI cable from the STB and plugging it back in usually restored the connection.
Here's what fixed my problem.
I used the shortest HDMI cable I could to connect the STB to the TV, in this case a 2' cable.
The 10' cable the technician used to connect the TV doesn't work, and neither did the better quality 6' cable I tried. The 2' cable works every time without a problem.
What does this mean?
The problem is probably that the HDMI output from the Cisco STB is lower than most other devices, and the Visio TV is probably pickier than some others about the quality of the HDMI signal it needs to lock on and display picture and sound. A shorter cable has less capacitance, which allows for a cleaner signal to reach the TV input. All of the cables tried worked fine when used in my other TV setup (an LG).
AND, the Vizio has worked fine with the Comcast STB and various other devices.
I tried all the other fixes I saw in these forums, to no avail.
The short cable fixes my problem, and may work for you as well.
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