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Hello, I have been researching this for a few weeks now and have read a few threads about it.


»NVG589 & Netgear Router for DLNA

I think I have just enough info to get started. I do want to make sure that I have my ducks in a row.

I know that I want to use the NVG in IP passthrough mode. The router will handle the wifi in my house.

The modem will do all the heavy lifting, I have a Netgear Gigabit switch attached to it for added ports. I will not, as I see it now, need the router to do anything other than broadcast a strong signal.

I was lucky, rehabbing a house to hardwire 13 cat6 drops throughout. I have a patch panel set up in the basement. As I said before, the modem will still do all the heavy lifting, such as Uverse TV and my home server running FreeNAS, all of these will be hardwired via direct connection or patched in.

So, I want the router to handle DHCP allocation for my wireless network, but I want to make sure that anything connected to the wifi will have access to the modem attached network (i.e. the server attached to the modem and network printers and such).

How does this affect my subnets when I allocate my IP addresses? Don't the modem and the router need to be on the same subnet to communicate?

Thanks so much for this! Very excited to get this going! Cheers!

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Re: nvg589

Hey @wesmac75 


How did it go? Is everything working as expected?



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Re: nvg589

I am still in the process of moving in, and will try to configure it within the next week or so.  I am just concerned about accessibility.  I don't know if I should make the router's IP match the modem's IP.  It would make the ATT web UI only accessible via hardwired connection, which is fine.  I just want to make sure that anything on wifi has access to the networked drives hardwired to the parent network from the RG.  The RG wifi broadcast will be disabled.


Subnets are confusing, and I know that I need to make sure that any assigned IP addresses are cleared via the passthrough.  Not sure how that will work.  I will attempt to clear all of the hardwired devices of any issues by clearing their respective MAC addresses, but since the DHCP will be left to the router, I am not sure how to configure their IP assignments.   I will make them static or clear their MAC addresses, but don't their IP addresses need to be cleared for the IP passthrough?


I have so many questions!  I will keep notes, and keep you updated.  Any tips?  Please make sure to pass them on!

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Re: nvg589

Did you get this to work?   I'm running FreeNAS as well and can not figure out how to manually assign an IP (for Minecraft) which is needed for our Port Jails.  I though the bridge route would help me but them the NVG589 would not relenquish all control and just pushed my other router in to a subnet.


Please contribute what you have found.

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