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new address requires purchase of internet gateway...?

new address requires purchase of internet gateway...?

Moving my UVerse internet service.  Same service, same speed, same options, different address.  ATT says my existing equipment is "incompatible" and that I have to purchase an "internet gateway" for $100.  However, they can't give me a technical reason for this required purchase, which is tantamount to asking for $100 "because I need it."


If I have to pay $100 for a new piece of hardware, fine, if it's required I don't have a problem with that.  When ATT can't tell me why, that's when I become concerned.  The person who put the move order in said tech support could tell me why, and after a number of "I understand your concerns" and "I realize how important this is to you" iterations, they referred me to sales, which seems to be an ongoing theme with ATT - tire them out before they can get what they need.


Is this a media issue?  Is one neighborhood served UVerse via ethernet, another by fiber, and another by coax?  Is new hardware required as a result of a different media type?  Is this really that difficult a question to answer?  Anyone have any information to share that Kumar couldn't?


Again, this is internet only, no TV (I will not buy TV from you ever, ATT - stop sending me promotions!).

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Re: new address requires purchase of internet gateway...?

Based primarily on distance determines type of Uverse product availability....
Two "flavors" adsl2+ and vdsl

For internet only or internet POTS could have either, very rarely both.

Adsl2+ is similar to DSL to a point, comes from CO (central office) or IRAD (internet ready access device).
Designed for very longer distance on copper wire, the longer the copper, the less speed available.
The generally standard RG (residential gateway) is the 510 sells for $100., one year warranty, has b/g/n 2.4ghz wireless with (4) 10/100 ports.

VdSL is generally 5000 feet or less on copper from a VRAD (video ready access device) offering IPTV service capabilities.
If less than 2200 feet would be 3600 (purchased, $100) b/g 2.4ghz wireless, (4) 10/100 ports
If greater than 2200 feet less than 3500 feet could purchase the 5031, $100, b/g/n 2.4 ghz wireless (4) 10/100 ports.

Under certain circumstances, may need a leased RG, even if internet only. (These installs are full tech installs only, no customer self install options exist)
If distance is greater than 5031 can support, will require a bonded 589, or 3812 with i38hg.
If ordering POWER (45/6) internet requires bonded pair, leased 589.
If have Fiber To The Premise (FTTP), requires an ONT, and a leased RG either the 3800, 3801, or 589.

As sales and tier1 tech support would not likely have access to your distance, only knows that the address in database is eligible and predetermined to tyoe of RG required.

Best choice here is if requiring a tech install, to ask the installer.

If can still choose a self install option, most likely your new address is a different flavor of Uverse compared to original address, meaning go from adsl2+ to vdsl or opposite going from vdsl to adsl2+

Summary all Uverse is fiber to a point, the rest is copper.
All TV service installs require leased RG for internet access.
FTTP, fiber to home, copper wiring in house....leased RG
FTTN, fiber to the node or neighborhood, balance on copper phone line(s) to house
Longer the distance, more likely to lease RG...normal within a mile (5280 feet)
FTTCO, fiber to the CO, or IRAD no tv service option, purchased only RG believe up to 2.5 miles.
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Re: new address requires purchase of internet gateway...?

Thank you.  I appreciate the detail, and this makes the situation a bit more palatable.

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