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losing channels within 10 seconds


losing channels within 10 seconds

I started my first post here

I apologize for piggy backing someone elses post. I just meant to ask a question and it got carried away.



THDVR installed 8/23/12. The installer warned me about potential problems with using HDMI cables then saying component was just as good. I prefer HDMI but decided to wait and see.


First, we were and still are very disappointed in the phone quality. Then, we had our first tv glitch. Paused live tv started playing live, loosing the paused part. We had no idea what or why until it happened a few more times.


If we have live tv paused and a scheduled program to be recorded starts, it causes the pause to instantly start plying at the live point.

If we have tv paused to answer an incoming phone call, it causes the picture to pixelate & freeze. At times, we've had to soft boot to get the picture back.


This is all using component cables, so I decided to go buy new heavy sheilded 1.4 HDMI cables. I installed the HDMI cables on 9/06/12. The phone issues were the same, very poor. I didnt get a chance to recreate the other issues. Last night, 9/07/12,  things really started going down hill fast.


I downloaded UVRealtime and activated it.


The channel would freeze every 10 seconds then a prompt screen came up with the usual list of things to try, which I did. All of them. The receiver continued to freeze. I can change channels and it will be great for 10 seconds, then I have to change channels again, over & over.


I thought maybe the box might be over heating, even though it is in open air by itself, so last night I unplugged it when I went to bed. I plugged it back in again this morning and still have the same issues.


I took the receiver and swapped it with the hard wired one and it works fine. I couldnt swap this one to the wireless. It has a different power cord. Besides, they look different so I assume they are different. The hard wire one has a power source saying 30 watt Cisco & the wireless is 20 watt Cisco.


I have changed back to component and the issues remane the same.


My grandchild is here this weekend. She likes to watch cartoons and I like to watch sports & we're down to one tv.


What screen shots from UV Realtime should I post?


Thanks for any help!




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Re: losing channels within 10 seconds

It looks like you have several issues going in more than one area.  I suggest you post screen shots of all o your stats.  I'm wondering, have you done a hard reboot of your RG and stbs?  If not unplug the power cable from the RG for 30 seconds and then reconnect it.  After it reboots do the same thing with all of your STBs including the DVR.

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Re: losing channels within 10 seconds

Here are some screen shots taken earlier today. Keep in mind, I did a number of reboots including the RG.










{Personal content removed for your safety}
The screen says that I've lost television signal. Obviously, that's not true. All the lights are on; Signal strength-max, Link & HD. All I have to do is move to a different channel and I have tv... for 10 seconds, then it starts all over again.

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Re: losing channels within 10 seconds

Your stats look fine to me.  Seeing you are still having this problem send Alex a PM he is an AT&T Community Manager on the forum.


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Re: losing channels within 10 seconds

Thanks RCSMG


I appreciate you looking and the referal.



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Re: losing channels within 10 seconds

Something else I just discovered.

I can no longer have the wireless receiver on the same channel as the hard wired one. It's blank, no picture. And, of course the usual 10 second rule brings up the blue suggestion screen. I can move up or down and watch tv for 10 seconds but not on the same channel as the wired one.

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Re: losing channels within 10 seconds

All of your issues sound like multicast problems. It's not a coincidence that as soon as you do something that changes the multicast group join/leave membership that something odd happens. e.g. Another channel starts recording, existing channel stream lost. One STB on one channel, other one can't be on same channel.

Also, channels that come in for 10 seconds then are lost is a unicast -> multicast handoff problem. It's usually caused by an intervening non-multicast capable router, but in your case it's obviously something else.

With the nature of all the problems pointing to multicast issues, the only culprit here has to be the RG (the 3801 gateway). Have a technician come and change it out.
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Re: losing channels within 10 seconds

I appreciate your insight and suggestion. I'll call it in now.


Thanks again!



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Re: losing channels within 10 seconds

After selecting about 6 different options to finally talk to someone, I was disconnected!


I called back and talk to a very helpful man, I believe his name was Percy. I informed him of the conversations here. He ran a few tests, told me I gave him some very helpful information and he set up a tech to be at my house between 8-12 today, Sunday!


He called at 7:50 saying he was on his way and would be here by 8, which he was.


I went over the discussions here and he said it was the wireless receiver. He swapped it out, set it up, told me about my phone issue (stutter was voice mail waiting) and was gone by 8:15.


I was ex-tactic about being able to watch football today!


During a game, twice, I had a green screen that appeared for a minute or so. And once, the entire screen went black. The receiver rebooted itself and I was back to watching the game.


The tech did say that some things may take 24hrs to show up. I'm not sure what that meant, but I haven't had an incident (while I've been in the room) since then, that I know of.


As for the VM, I would think there'd be a better way to be aware of VM other than a stuttering dial tone


Thanks everyone for your help.



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ACE - Expert

Re: losing channels within 10 seconds

75vette - Let me offer two perspectives on the stutter dial tone -

First it is new to you & seems strange, but after a while it will be second nature.

Second, the telephone system goes back to the days where they strung individual lines over the trees from your location to a central office relay, battery and jack. When you lifted the switch hook it caused a flap on the relay to drop and signal the operator that you want to make a call. The operator could signal you by ring a bell. I believe this was one of the first upgrades when yelling proved problematic.

Since then, many changes have been introduced. Each change had to work seamlessly with the old infrastructure as well as the new.

When remote VM was introduced it included a blinking light for message waiting notification and the stutter dial tone was for old phones with no light.

U-verse us just applying the previous standard methods of stutter dial tone and blinking light to cover those old infrastructures.

The "better" way you are looking for is there, too - they send you an e-mail. So, you can get notification on your smart phone if you have that new infrastructure.

All this works together seamlessly, well pretty much.
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Re: losing channels within 10 seconds

I have been having the same problem and after about 40 hours of attempts with tech support onthe phone and onsite visits we discovered that the Uverse router/reciever has problems with Googel Chromecast.  Pretty amazing that this compatability issue wasnt tested by AT&T.  I wonder if the same problem exists with Amazon Fire and other casting "sticks."


First unplug Chromcast and go to your route confifuration screen by going to  Click on the Device tab.  At the bottom of the page you should see a list of devices that should include your Chromecast.  Copy the MAC address just in case you need it.  Click on More Info and then Clear Device List.  Scan for Devices and you should no longer see Chromecast.  I suggest restarting you router and receiver just to be safe.  This fixed my problem.


Now, I still wanted to use Chromcast and I found the link below to resolve that problem.  Basically the router/reciever is having a problems recognizing Chromecast and keeps reassigning IP addresses.  You need to assign a static IP to Chromecast.


Hope this helps.


BTW...The tech manager who helped me figure this out said he would be training his team on this fix the next day because they were seeing it so often.

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ACE - Expert

Re: losing channels within 10 seconds

I use another Wireless Router as an Access Point to provide 802.11n access for my home.  The Amazon Fire Stick works fine with U-verse in this configuration.


The Chromecast would also work fine with a router configured as a router providing UPnP (if you're willing to allow the UPnP security hole in your network).

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