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i3812v (iNID) Question


i3812v (iNID) Question

Aggregate Stats never add up for Cummulative. Seconds w/Errors and Cummulative. Sec w/Severe Errors:

So when I look at this from a UVRT perspective it only gets part of the story.   Anyone else with and iNID seeing this same behavior?


Here is my line 1, line 2 and aggregated info:

DSL Link Errors

Collected for 0:11:55

Reset 24-hr int. 15-min int. Last Event

SinceCurrentCurrentTime Since

Physical Line 1
Link Retrains1110:10:28
DSL Training Errors1110:10:19
Training Timeouts0000:00:00
Loss of Framing Failures5550:10:29
Loss of Signal Failures5550:10:29
Loss of Power Failures0000:00:00
Loss of Margin Failures5550:10:29
Cumm. Seconds w/Errors5550:10:29
Cumm. Sec. w/Severe Errors5550:10:29
Corrected Blocks4630446304463040:10:29
Uncorrectable Blocks1273127312730:10:29
DSL Unavailable Seconds1071071070:09:45
Physical Line 2
Link Retrains1110:10:26
DSL Training Errors4440:10:09
Training Timeouts0000:00:00
Loss of Framing Failures4440:10:27
Loss of Signal Failures4440:10:27
Loss of Power Failures0000:00:00
Loss of Margin Failures4440:10:27
Cumm. Seconds w/Errors4440:10:27
Cumm. Sec. w/Severe Errors4440:10:27
Corrected Blocks3970639706397060:07:16
Uncorrectable Blocks1027102710270:10:27
DSL Unavailable Seconds1351351350:09:36
Aggregated Information
Loss of Framing Failures9990:10:27
Cumm. Seconds w/Errors2220:10:29
Cumm. Sec. w/Severe Errors2220:10:29
Corrected Blocks8601086010860100:07:16
Uncorrectable Blocks2300230023000:10:27
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Re: i3812v (iNID) Question

As stated on page 10 of the documentation:


UVRT ReadMe.pdf wrote:


When viewing this table on an i3812V (iNID) router, the line 1 and line 2 stats are separately shown, in accordance with the iNID stats selector on the configuration page. Aggregate stats for both lines are not computed. When Aggregate Stats are selected, the line 1 stats are shown in the error table.



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Re: i3812v (iNID) Question

Ok so 2wire's and my definition of aggregated are different as your tool is only pulling what info the API to the device is presenting
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