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Contributor uses an invalid security certificate.

We'e been having issues with internet access - goes down for hours, then pops up. Mixed in with this is error  - uses an invalid security certificate.  We get this when trying to access everything from Youtube to CNN.


We use a new wireless AT&T modem but it wouldn't allow us to select a post other than the "Tones, Games, etc" which isn't the correct area. So apologies for the post.


We're assuming it may be a setting with the modem but are clueless about how to remedy this. We would appreciate any help and may consider offering up our first born. 

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Re: uses an invalid security certificate.

Just disregard. What browser, operating system are you using, when get this error? Also what gateway/device do you have from ATT, that you are using?
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Re: uses an invalid security certificate.

ATT102 - using both Mozilla and Chrome - thank you for responding btw

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Re: uses an invalid security certificate.

I'm not sure if this is connected either but I figure the more info available, the easy to identify the issue. We can't print - my computer says it is offline and my wifes computer doesn't respond. The ATT router is new and its secure. Trouble shooting guides say the MAC address may be enabled but we checked and it is not. 

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Re: uses an invalid security certificate.

If the printer was set up for another router or provider, you need to do a Factory reset on the printer if it is a Ethernet or Wifi capable printer, along with deleting the drivers & software form the computers, then reinstall per manufacturer directions for the printer.

As for having the problem with both Firefox & Chrome, what is the actual model & manufacturer of the router/gateway you got from ATT?
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Re: uses an invalid security certificate.

We recently upgraded to the max internet speed, WiFi of course, for our area.  In recent weeks I have had issues with lost connections, dropped from MMO's, etc.   When I ping the known addresses I get a mix of rapid response, timeouts and  destination not found.


I ran ipconfig.exe and now see a connection specific DNS suffix of  The last time I configured the internet I believed I used a specific set of ip addresses.


Has this (specific numeric IP) practice been changed or have I been vicitimized/hijacked somewhere?



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Re: uses an invalid security certificate.

JRPM - did you ever get an answer to suffix question? Were you victimized/hijacked?



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