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diplexer output


diplexer output

This is a question about the output of the Holland DPLS-2AR diplexer commonly used in Uverse installations.  The signal from the NID connects to the input of the diplexer, and the two ouputs are labeled "combined" and "HPNA".  My question is, what exactly is coming out of the "combined" output, and can I connect it directly to a router as a source for internet connectivity?

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Re: diplexer output

Input of the diplexer goes to the NID, that's carrying the DSL signal.

The "HPNA" port of the diplexer goes to the cable infrastructure of the house, where the STBs then connect to it. This port carries the HPNA signal that the STBs use to get IPTV.

The "Combined" port goes to the residential gateway (RG). This carries both signals, VDSL + HPNA. The RG receives the VDSL signal through the diplexer, demodulates it and routes the IPTV packets, and then encapsulates the IPTV packets into HPNA packets and sends them back out the same cable. The diplexer then sends that HPNA signal to the HPNA port, and onwards to the STBs.
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Re: diplexer output

Thanks and a follow up:

Can the HPNA signal be connected to any "video in" connector on a video device, for instance a Slingbox or a non-Uverse DVR, or is the HPNA signal some kind of special signal that will only work with a Uverse DVR?

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Re: diplexer output

No, you cannot connect the cable to any video in port on any device.

HPNA is a method to transmit IP packets on a coaxial cable. This is picked up by the U-Verse receiver, and the IP packets contain the IPTV data.

Normal devices looking for analog video signals on an NTSC channel, digital signals on an ATSC channel, or cable company digital signals on a QAM channel will not find anything.
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