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cisco ASA or Watchguard XTM 515 and NVG510 issue


cisco ASA or Watchguard XTM 515 and NVG510 issue

I am setting up a small business network.  They need to do a vpn tunnel to their main branch and another off site location.  The main branch has a watchguard with a static IP and an internal LAN.  I use a lot of VLANs on that main system.   The one I'm setting up requires me to use U-Verse.  Well I've tried several of the fixes and to no avail.  


This U-Verse has 5 static IPs set, with the IP like xx.xx.xx.10 to xx.xx.xx.14 with xx.xx.xx.15 being the NVG510/Gateway.


The internal scheme for the Main system which I will be VPN tunneling to is 10.0.xx.xx, with a static IP.  I can set the router to whatever works.  So my question is or frustration, the Cisco router freezes when I try to change it's internal IP to vs  Since the main router is (plus the static IPs).  What do I do to get this Cisco to work. If it doesn't work then will a Watchguard XTM to Watchguard XTM be easier to to tunnel between?  If so I can do that as I have a few lying around.


The other site uses a Cisco as well.  Both the Main site and the other site are using other ISPs.   This site is UVerse that I am setting up for a client.   


Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


Also, I've read a bit but none of the typical soiutions are not working.

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Re: cisco ASA or Watchguard XTM 515 and NVG510 issue

If you're accessing the Cisco from the inside interface, then when you change the internal interface IP address from to, you will lose communication with it.

You will then need to set your workstation to an IP address in the 192.168.2.x range so that you can contact the Cisco again.

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