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can my receiver share internet to two ps3's?

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can my receiver share internet to two ps3's?

I was wondering if it's possible to somehow split the internet signal coming from my Uverse receiver.  Right now we have 3 PS3's and 2 receivers.  I have been using wireless to connect the 3rd PS3 but it is really inconsistent - lags, drops me out of games.  It's really annoying.  Is there a way that I can "split" the internet signal or use another router to be able to be "wired" to the internet to play on 3 consoles at the same time? 

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Re: can my receiver share internet to two ps3's?

You can use an Ethernet switch to give you more ports on the U-Verse gatway.


For Internet devices only, the NetGear FS105 is known to work well.


If you need to plug in TV receivers as well as Internet devices, you will need to use the GS105 (or GS108).



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