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Windows 8 issue with 2wire 2701 gateway?


Windows 8 issue with 2wire 2701 gateway?

Hello all.


I have had the same 2wire modem/router for 5 years or so. I have always had a steady, reliable, wireless internet connection.  Then, I decided to buy a new computer, and wound up getting a Dell 660s with Windows 8.  While the loading of webpages and buffering of videos increased greatly with the faster computer, my wireless connection to the 2wire is now unstable.  Randomly, when I launch a browser or new web page, I get an error message from the 2wire that the gateway doesn't have a internet connection.  If I wait 20-30 seconds, and try again, it connects fine.


I spent an hour on-line with Dell, re-installed the drives for the wireless card, with no results.  They said everything looked fine with the computer.


Since I have two 5 year old XP based machines hooked to the gateway ( one with a Cat 5 cable, and the other thru a wireless card) it has never had a problem, I am leaning toward a problem with Windows 8.


Any suggestions?



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Re: Windows 8 issue with 2wire 2701 gateway?

I feel the pain, and thus I'm posting what worked for me. Let me preface this by saying that I have an older modem, 2Wire 2700hg-b. About 3 days ago, I purchased a new laptop with Windows 8 and was having the same issues expressed before:  Internet Explorer/Chrome would unexpectedly lose connectivity wirelessly, and within 10-20 seconds regain connectivity and alow me to browse as before. This would consistently happen at least once every 10-15 minutes and was very frustrating. Well, I tried just about everything and decided to call customer service before buying a new modem; I'm so glad I made the call, thanks Perry! Here's what we did:


1)  Went into the Modem System Summary and selected Firewall -> Advanced Settings which prompted the system password.

2)  Under Attack Detection, un-checked Packet Flood (SYN/UDP/ICMP/Other)

3)  Then, went to Home Network -> Wireless Settings

4)  Under Additional Settings (defaults recommended), changed Wireless Mode:  802.11b

     & Power Settings:  10

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Re: Windows 8 issue with 2wire 2701 gateway?

I spent almost 30 minutes on the phone w an ATT wifi support person; she could not help me solve the problem, although she did put me on hold to consult someone else.  She asked if she could call me back in an hour.  I waited almost 2 hours for her callback, which I never got. about FAILED customer service.


Anyway....I took matters into my own hands, since I have both a new Windows 8 desktop and laptop, as well as a laptop that uses Windows Vista.  All other devices connect to the wifi internet - my iPhone, my Kindle, etc.  It was just the COMPUTERS that would not connect via wifi.  The desktop connected to the internet via ethernet cable (I was tired of fooling around with it and needed the internet).  After trying to remove/add networks, add the MAC addresses, blah...blah...blah....I decided to just go into the modem itself and DISABLE ALL MAC FILTERING.


BINGO.....PROBLEM SOLVED.  And I did this via the desktop's ethernet cable connection to the gateway; you will HAVE to use this type of connection if you cannot connect via the wifi, until you make this change on your gateway.


If you don't know how to do this, here is a step-by-step instructional list:


  1. In your browser line, type your gateway address; it will be posted on the side of your gateway, on the printed label where your network key and password, etc., are posted, just after the note that says, "For Advanced Configuration:") and hit ENTER.  It looks like an FTP address.  I believe most follow this address:
  2. Your U-verse 2WIRE screen should come up.  On this screen, click on either "Top Networking Features" or if you are already there, scroll down to the bottom part of the screen, find WIRELESS and click on it.
  3. On the LAN tab of your "Settings" screen, scroll down to the bottom, where you will see MAC FILTERING.  In this section, click on EDIT/BLOCK ALLOWED DEVICE LIST and hit ENTER.
  4. The "Enable MAC filtering screen" comes up.  You will see a section that has a checkbox that may already be checked.  It will be labeled ENABLED.
  5. If the box is checked, click on it to REMOVE THE CHECK inside the box.
  6. Click on SAVE.
  7. You may be asked for your gateway login to verify the requested change.  You will find this information on the side of your gateway, on the printed label.
  8. If this exercise has been successful, you will be returned to the "MAC filtering screen" and at the top, it will say CONFIGURATION SUCCESSFUL.
  9. Close your browser and try to connect via wifi again.  My laptop connected instantly.

GOOD LUCK....I hope this helps at least ONE very frustrated person, like I was.



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Re: Windows 8 issue with 2wire 2701 gateway?

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Re: Windows 8 issue with 2wire 2701 gateway?

i have ALL my 4 computers hard wired into the AT&T DSL 2wire thingy and windows 8 takes it down...we just have to wait till some important Customer runs into this problem and then it will be and at&t need to get together and send techs to one of our sites that are failing to see for themselves, hook up their monitoring tools and fix the darn the meantime, it is back to windows XP, windows 7 and Ubuntu for me...i just use the windows 8 box for disk storage right now...some day it will be resolved...but till then, they will keep thinking anyone who says they encounter this problem is crazy...



crazy in illinois    

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Re: Windows 8 issue with 2wire 2701 gateway?

Everyone - I have recently purchased an HP Envy 700 that came with Windows 8 and internet explorer 10. I also have a 2Wire 2700HG-B router/gateway (the version prior to the 27101 HG-B) which has performed flawlessly, for over 7 years, until now [with equipment running Windows Me, Win XP, Win Vista, Mac Os]. I noticed that the 2Wire router gateway DSL connection would drop (& by the same token drop the internet connection) rather regularly using Windows 8, especially after the system was trying to obtain new data on various web pages, and then would eventually reconnect on its own. This resulted in rather poor browsing performance. I was not experiencing similar issues with my other non-windows 8 machines.


After reading several blogs and recommendations from other users, I tested changes to the 2Wire gateway configuration (e.g. changing the wireless configuration mode [from multimode b/g, to single mode g or b], changing the communication channels, changing the power settings - tried various combinations, still to no avail).


The HP 700 came with Ralink RT3290 802.11 bgn wifi adapter. I thought that perhaps the issue may be the wifi adapter, and proceeded to disconnect the Ralink RT3290, and install a spare Linksys wireless G adapter (WUSB54GC) I happen to have from an older machine. Unfortunately, that did not change things either, i.e. I would still see the 2Wire DSL/Internet connection disconnect & reconnect while browsing.


I decided to stop by my local Best Buy to see what type of modem/routers they would have available. (The choices were a Motorola modem [no router], an ActionTec [modem & router], and an ATT/Pace 4111N - [802.11 N modem & router]). The ATT/Pace equipment was about $30 more than the ActionTec, and I took the plundge as I have been happy with my older 2Wire modem/router (until now). Note: none of the product descriptions state that either of the DSL modems have been tested with windows 8 (they just have minimum system recommendations of Win7, XP, Vista only). 


I installed the Pace 4111N, and thus far, after a week of testing, have not encountered anymore DSL disconnects with my new machine running Windows 8/Internet Explorer 10, and the Ralink RT3290 wifi adapter.


I am not sure if my solution (replacing the 2Wire 2700 HG-B by a Pace 4111N) will work for others, but it has for me. Hope this helps someone who has been frustrated by this odd problem...   


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Re: Windows 8 issue with 2wire 2701 gateway?

By disabling MAC address filtering in the 2Wire Gateway I was able to browse the internet without constantly being disconnected, or having a very slow connection.  Thank you so much for helping with this as I was about at wits end!


Again, if you are having trouble, try disabling MAC address filtering.

Thank you!

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Re: Windows 8 issue with 2wire 2701 gateway?

Sorry if this is a stupid question but I am not a techy.  Would disabling the MAC filtering affect the 2WIRE's ability to work with Apple devices such computers, iPads, iPods and phones?

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Re: Windows 8 issue with 2wire 2701 gateway?

We recently were given a new gateway box NVG589 - we have a wired connection.  Since that happened it akes at least 10 minutes for our new HP Pavillion, running Windows 8.1, to connect to the internet.  During that 10 minute period it flips from ethernet connect OK to not connected.  After talking to both ATT and HP, we have yet to come up with a solution.  Prior  to getting the new gateway - we had absolutely NO PROBLEMS with connecting and our other PC still running Windows XP connects to the internet immediately.  I  did post this issue on the Microsoft community and a tech got back to me saying to try boot in safe mode and then if the issue does not persist boot in clean boot and see if that helps - haven't tried this solution yet...but I don't think a new gateway will help you and it really does seem that there is a problem between ATT and Wincows 8 and/or 8/1

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