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Windows 10 Connectivity Problem


Windows 10 Connectivity Problem

Just finished upgrading to Win10 from a very satisfactory Win7. Figured it was a no-brainer after waiting for the initial reviews. Encountered two issues:


1. Start button wouldn't work with left mouse. Right mouse fine. Found an obscure post about some applications causing havoc, particularly Dropbox. Uninstalled it, magic! Start button's fine.


2. My Desktop won't connect to my wireless router unless I reboot (unplug/plug) the router every time. The wireless adaptor was uninstalled and reinstalled with latest update. It sees the home network, but says it can't connect.



Exasperated in Charleston

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‎04-29-2016 8:59 AM

Re: Windows 10 Connectivity Problem

Hi @busyBee,


We have heard of similar issues after members updated the OS. We cannot help for your first point, but maybe the second. 


  • First, delete the network from the computer.
  • Go to your command prompt and release the IP. ipconfig/ release or use ipconfig/ all
  • Restart the computer. 
  • Locate the network and re-enter the Wi-Fi password. 


I also recommend contacting Windows to let them know what the update did to be safe. 


Hope this helps!




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Preparation to reinstall os

Please advise what information I will need to re-establish home wifi connection after reinstalling Windows 10 in laptop.


Thank you.

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Error message on Windows 10 re "DNS not detected"

We have had Uverse for internet at our home for 6 years and it has always worked relatively well. We have no problems with wifi connectivity on our iphones, ipads, Roku or Windows 7 computers. With Windows 10 however, I frequently get an error message saying that the DNS was not detected.  I am connected to the gateway but no internet service. I have looked at various websites that tell me how to use the CMD command to flush, release and renew the dns. My questions is why is this happening in the first place? Have other Windows 10 users had the same problem? what is the permanent fix?



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Re: Error message on Windows 10 re "DNS not detected"

Aftmdnt I have DSL because we live to far out to have uVerse my kindle won't connect to my wifi. obtaining ip address. 

It was working fine until today.


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Re: Error message on Windows 10 re "DNS not detected"

Kindle fire 7 has a status of obtaining IP address. I have DSL we live to far to get uverse. 

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Re: Error message on Windows 10 re "DNS not detected"

Unadlt to connect to the server for my kindle fire 7

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Re: Error message on Windows 10 re "DNS not detected"

Same problem here basically but for one Win 10 doesn' allow me to delete my network and other difference is my netwok device is an ATT Wireless Homebase. Although I cant delete my network on Win 10, I did ipconfig /all to no avail. I do at least know for sure the problem is in Win 10 configuration because my computer is a dual boot system and internet works fine in Ubuntu.

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