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What to do with old modem?


What to do with old modem?

The u-verse guys who installed our new modem left the old modem behind. What should i do with it? 

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Re: What to do with old modem?

What model modem is it? If it's a purchased one (2Wire 3600HGV, Motorola NVG510, Pace 5031NV), then you can keep it as a paperweight or send it to electronics recycling (I assume it's a bad modem, that's why you had it replaced).

If it's a rented modem (2Wire 3800HGV-B, 3801HGV, i3812V/i38HG, Motorola NVG589), then you need to call AT&T and either have them come back and pick it up or tell you how to send it back; you'll continue to be charged for it if they don't get it returned.



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