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What exactly is this residential gateway?


What exactly is this residential gateway?

I am thinking about switching to U-verse but want to be sure I understand what it means for my internet connection and WiFi. I currently have Charter cable internet and I purchased my cable modem and router at Best Buy so it is mine, not leased from Charter.  Is the RG your modem and router or is it just a modem? If it operates as both, does it work just like any other router, basically can I set up WAP or WEP or whatever I want to use for security and connect other devices to it wirelessly such as our iPhones, laptops, Wii, and PS3? Also will it work with my AT&T M-cell?


Also about speeds. I currently have the 18Mbps plan with charter yet my speedtest.net speeds run around 21 - 22 Mbps on my laptop most of the time. If I get the internet plan that says it is 18Mbps what kind of speeds should I expect? Will it actually be capped at 18 or will I be able to get faster speeds like I do now? 


I love the idea of the U-verse TV service because it seems so much better than cable but I don't want to screw myself on my internet access, especially on speeds! Thanks for any input.

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: What exactly is this residential gateway?

The U-Verse RG is a modem and router combined into one unit.  You will also get a DVR for one tv and a STB (set-top-box) for each additional tv.  The single DVR will provide whole-house DVR to all of your connected tv's.  I recently switched from Charter tv and internet to U-Verse because my Charter internet became unreliable.  I've been with U-Verse since 6/30 and have had zero problems.  I also had 18 mbps with Charter and now with U-Verse.  The U-Verse internet is a little slower than Charter and only test at 16.x down and 1.4 up.  However, I have a Roku for Netflix HD movies and a Slingbox Solo and both work perfectly with U-Verse.

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Re: What exactly is this residential gateway?

The U-Verse RG contains a G router.  It has all the latest security and you'll be able to connect your devices.  It also had 4 ethernet lan ports for wired devices.  I have my old CradlePoint N router connected to the U-Verse RG for a slightly faster wireless connection and better range than the G router.

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Re: What exactly is this residential gateway?

ladytonya, U-verse does not have to be all or nothing. Keep the Charter internet and get U-verse TV, I have seen a number of posts complaining about the U-verse18mps plan. And, I just saw a post reminding me to mention planned data caps.

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Re: What exactly is this residential gateway?

Modem, Router, EMTA(phone service), Switch all in one.  There are some days, when I run the speedtest over at speakeasy.net, that I am pulling 25meg down.

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Re: What exactly is this residential gateway?

Thank you Jim and everyone else who replied!  If I'm going to stick with Charter internet then I would just stick with their TV service as well. Bundling the services together saves money, if I went with Charter for just internet I would be paying much more for the service.  Plus, honestly, I've been having some bugginess with my internet connection and am constantly having to reset my router. Charter blames the power company, they say that I'm getting periodic power surges in my apartment and that's causing the router to shut down, disconnecting my wireless printer and PS3 pretty much at least one per day. I had the power company run a test just to make sure they weren't correct and of course they aren't. Charter won't even come out to test my lines, they continue to stay it's the power company's fault even though it's been tested and nobody else in my building has the same problem!  Not that AT&T is known for its customer service, but honestly, they HAVE to be better than Charter!  My Charter contract is up Sept. 7 and I really think I am going to switch. If I'm not happy with the internet speeds I can always upgrade, there is at least one faster connect speed available in my area. Plus with the massively larger DVR than we currently have even on two Charter receivers, I think it's going to be a win-win situation, as long as I don't end up disappointed in the internet speeds.

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Re: What exactly is this residential gateway?

If I were to have Charter internet how would I wire the system at the gateway to continue the television service through uverse without an ATT internet connection?  Sorry I know this is a basic question, but not something I am familiar with.

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Re: What exactly is this residential gateway?

Hi outfield3,


Welcome to the community! Always feel free to ask any question. That is what we are here for. For the most part, you will not have to do any changes if you remove the internet service. We have received your message and will be glad to discuss this with you more in detail based off your in house setup.


-David T

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Re: What exactly is this residential gateway?

outfield3 - U-verse service comes into the house on a telephone line & terminates on an RG that performs modem/router duty to distribute four stream IPTV (tuned by set top box), internet and tel service throughout the house, using wi-fi, COAX, cat5 and tel wire. You can have any one service or any combination.

Charter comes into the house on COAX with all their TV channels & the internet service & tel. TV is distributed by COAX and tuned by TVs or set top boxes. The Charter modem tunes the internet and telephone for further distribution.

You do not want to physically connect the two together  so as not to cause problems in either network.

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