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Was there a recent U-Verse TV update??


Was there a recent U-Verse TV update??

I went away for vacation and when we got back, yesterday (7/7/11) I noticed things were different with the TV. The blue bottom border is gone when you check the stasis.  Another one was, the background gets darker when viewing the guide or any thing else. Which is a good thing because you can read the description of a program better. The other is the volume, I now have to increase the volume on my entertainment system, and now get a low sounding hiss in the background while watching a program. It might be because I have to turn the volume up, I now have to increase the volume to twice what it used to be.


Everything else seems to be OK, the internet and the landline are working fine and there seems to be no change there. Has anyone else noticed any changes where they are? Is this something local, I'm in Central CT., or am I going nuts, lol???




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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Was there a recent U-Verse TV update??

You probably got upgraded to phase 3 while you were gone. The major feature of this is the ability to pause live TV from any STB in the house.

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Re: Was there a recent U-Verse TV update??

Ahhhhhhhhh, I just tried it and yes, you're right, my other 2 TV's now can pause live TV. I bet that's why the volume is messed up and now has to go twice as high to get the volume I used before. Everything was set up for my personal use, that's how I can tell something was wrong with the volume.


Thanks Americangame for the information, so it's on to Phase 3 we go, I just hope it doesn't mess up anything else...............



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Re: Was there a recent U-Verse TV update??

Do a search.  I think there are instructions here on how to turn the volume up.

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Re: Was there a recent U-Verse TV update??

I noticed something different today as well. It seems that the screen is a bit more crisp in HD. What else did this update provide? Another thing I noticed is that when my DSL modem loses its connection, which it does about 2-3 times per day, instead of it just showing a frozen screen it goes to a blue screen saying that the TV signal was lost. Any other info would be great. Thanks!



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Re: Was there a recent U-Verse TV update??

Now I'm noticing that my recorded series programs are a little choppy. And now that I'm looking at it, it's not recorded in HD like it always has been, hmmmm. And it's recorded from a HD channel. (HBO) I went to my settings and everything there is set up like I left it, so I'll have to check on that. I'll have to search for that volume control too, that was mentioned in another post. I must have missed the upgrade notice, or never received one. I also wonder if there's a list of upgrades that they did?

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Re: Was there a recent U-Verse TV update??

The upgrade reached Madison WI this week. It could be me, but I seem to have noticed better HD picture quality, and the notorious 5.1 DD audio "pops" appear to have vanished. Or is this just all wishful thinking on my part?

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Re: Was there a recent U-Verse TV update??

People have mentioned that the 5.1 seems to be fixed with the THDVR Phase 3 update.
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Re: Was there a recent U-Verse TV update??

It's fixed for me.  No drop-outs.

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Re: Was there a recent U-Verse TV update??

Well, Well, Well, I found everything I needed to fix my problems right on the TV itself. I went to help section on the TV w/remote and there I found the troubleshoot & resolve promp. I was able to readjust my volume back to where it was before and my entertainment systems sound is 10X's better than it was before I had the problem. It seems like it's more surround sound on my Bose system now. There's other adjustments there too, it seems like U-Verse is trying, and hope it only gets better, and yes, the HD picture IS clearer and better!!! And so far NO freeze ups or pixels, lets see how long this will last.


Anyway, thanks to all you people here, otherwise I would have been tearing my system apart today trying to find the problems, I thought my entertainment system was going bad.


Thanks again,

MRROK Smiley Happy 

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