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Uverse LAN setup


Uverse LAN setup

We just built a new house and chose the LAN jack locations.  Before the house was finished we decided to switch to Uverse, and I purchased the SiriusXM TTR1 to stream internet radio.  I am not sold on wireless except for things like tablets and phones, and the TTR1 does not keep a good wireless connection.  But it does have a LAN port.  The problem is I need to put it in our media center in the living room, and the TV's DVR is using the only LAN jack there.  I explained the dilemma to the Uverse guy, and he tried to tell me wireless was the way of the future, etc., but he also tried to sell me a switch (I decided not to).  One question I have is about the "Cable Line" jack on back of the Uverse hub, because there's a coax jack behind the TV.  Can I achieve the same connection to the TV using the coax line?  Any other options?  Thanks

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Re: Uverse LAN setup

timtex - Since the COAX is already in place, it could be an option. U-verse should have compression fittings on the cable ends & you want Hi frequency capable splitter or connector. But, it cannot hurt to try it.


You would connect the wall jack to the DVR input & the other end of the cable in the wall to the COAX outlet in the RG. If the RG COAX connection is already connected for input, you will need a diplexer. May be worth having att do it.

If the COAX does work for your TV, you can connect the TTR1 to the network jack on the DVR.

You may add to your equipment in the media center. The best plan for this is another network cable for all non-TV equipment. Switches are good for adding network access. The one important thing to do is have TV on one leg back to the RG and other equipment on another leg.

If TV & other are mixed on the same leg/switch the TV tends to flood the switch. Provide one network cable for the TV/DVR and another cable/switch for multiple internet access.

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Re: Uverse LAN setup

I have installed several Netgear switches without a problem this is mostly for the Blu-Ray,Smart TV ,AVR ,Roku,ATV and STB .

In some instances a HTPC since rarely will all these devices try to access the net at the same time with any heavy traffic.

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Re: Uverse LAN setup

Thanks for your response.  I am new to the forum and I thought the system would email me when there are replies to a post.  Anyway, adding the second network cable would be ideal, but it would mean going through the attic and two walls, so for now that's a last resort.  We were loyal Dish customers for years, but we got Uverse at our temporary place and decided to stick with it.  The downside is I made my decisions during the building process based on keeping satellite service.  At least I put network jacks behind all the TV's, but we're already finding that one is not enough, especially if a PC is nearby.


The network center for the house is in the master bedroom closet, and the installer did some things different from when we had Uverse in the apartment.  One of them is adding the Netgear switch connected to the RG.  In terms of adding a switch in the media center to "split" the connection, does that have anything to do with the switch connected to the RG?  Also, if you add a switch, what if the radio is streaming music while the DVR is trying to record a show?


Would it be possible to use the coax to stream music instead?  I saw adapters for coax to LAN during my reasearch.  Or what about boosting the wireless signal?  (Even as I type this the radio is cutting in and out.)  Or, should I go ahead and move the DVR to another TV and make the living room wireless?  Really confused about all the options..

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Re: Uverse LAN setup

@timtex - Check under settings to get an e-mail when you have a reply to your post. Note that there are two levels of categories. The second level changes based on the selection on the first level. I placed a @ before your name to trigger e-mail, but I have not yet seen that work.

The switch by the RG is a standard way to multiply the ports available for distribution throughout the house. The speed bump is that if you mix TV & internet in that switch, it may cause flooding the switch. This is based on posts of people having problems. So, if you have both TV and internet devices at the same location, you need two network cables at that location. If you have multiple internet devices at the location, you can add a switch to handle them. But, not TV devices on the same switch.

You can use many different ways to extend your internet wireless. Probably the easiest one is this one -

You can use HPNA adapters to use the COAX as a distribution network. To use just the one COAX link as if it were a cat5 wire, you could look into a balun at each end. Check with this company -

Or, you could use electrical wire adapters to carry the network signal.

You can change the DVR to a wireless STB. Some love them. some have problems. They use a wireless that is different than the internet wireless. There is no way to extend that wireless signal. The wireless is generated by a WAP plugged in to the RG. If the WAP needs to be closer to the STB to get a good signal, it is accomplished by using a longer cat5 cable.
*The views and opinions expressed on this forum are purely my own. Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party.
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Re: Uverse LAN setup

Need more info how are you streaming the music and what speed are you getting?

It is sometimes difficult to say what a house needs without walking it and measuring signal (wi-fi).

You can never go wrong by pulling 2 cat5/cat6 to each room if not needed now could be in the future plus it allows one to locate equipment where they want.

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Re: Uverse LAN setup

Thanks again for the replies, it has been really helpful getting so much information this way.  I'll check into using the coax with baluns, and I might eventually just run another cable.  I did check the wifi speed using inSSIDer and it's about -30 dBm (seems to go up and down some).  Right now the TTR1 is connected to the 2WIRE wifi network.

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