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Uverse Drops Out


Uverse Drops Out

For the past week and a half or so, my Uverse connection drops out and will not recover until the service or the entire router (BGW210-700) is restarted. When running diagnostics during the outage, it’s always the same issue: ping default gateway fail. All lights are green and service shows as up.


On a rare occasion, it will eventually work again without a reset but this is rare. On the worst days, this is 4-5 restarts a day.  This is unacceptable. I’ve searched around but had no luck finding anything on this. Anyone have any ideas?

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Re: Uverse Drops Out

Hello @Bragollach
Let's see what we can do! From doing some research, this potentially could be an issue with the cabling in your house.
Can you please check and verify the cables connected to your router to see that it's not damaged in any way?
Please let us know once you do. 

Mihai AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: Uverse Drops Out

There are only two possible cables that could be involved. The first being
the cable run from the network interface on the side of the house to the
jack inside. The other being the cable connecting the router to the jack.

I can only swap the cable from the jack to the router.

Replacing the cable from the jack to the router had no effect. There have
been 3 disconnects since replacing the cable. During one of those after I
changed cables, the AT&T troubleshooting tool detected a problem and said a
dispatch was necessary. However, the system did not allow me to set a
date. Now, it is again saying there is no problem despite recurring trouble.

The connection had no problems from 1p to 8:30p but has dropped 5 times
from 8:30p to 11:50p.
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Re: Uverse Drops Out

Thanks for verifying and providing that additional info @Bragollach.
Since you received a message stating that a dispatch is necessary, we'll have to get a technician out there.
You can set-up a technician appointment by going to our main website and following the prompts.
If you'd like for one of us to schedule an appointment, please let us know. 

Mihai AT&T Community Specialist

Need help?
Ask a question to get help from the AT&T Community or support from AT&T specialists. If this reply helped you please use Accept solution to mark it as an Accepted Solution.
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Re: Uverse Drops Out

The process on the AT&T website isn't obvious. The troubleshooting tool
now reports that there are no problems and there do not seem to be any
obvious choices that would lead to requesting a dispatch.

I believe I have found the source of the problem though not the cause. My
connection is set to be an interlaced VDSL connection at 25Mb. For the
past three days, I had no dropouts. I discovered that this entire time,
Line 1 had been down and the connection was running solely on Line 2.
Line 1 suddenly came back up this morning and now the problems have
returned as well.

I do remember that for quite some time Line 1 was down. However, since I
had no problems I did not feel the need to report it. At some point, Line
1 came back. Not long after the reappearance of Line 1, these issues
began. Running solely on Line 2 does sometimes cause the connection to run
slow, but I did not experience complete dropouts when Line 1 was down. I
vastly prefer the occasional slowdown to a complete drop out but.

I know intermittent problems are the hardest to deal with so I'm not sure
how to proceed to get this fixed. If someone here can force a dispatch and
include all of this info, that would be helpful.
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‎06-03-2019 8:02 AM

Re: Uverse Drops Out

This is a known issue with the latest version of firmware updates AT&T has been pushing out the BGW-210. It causes you to simply lose connection randomly. All lights will stay green but exactly like you said, if you run the diagnostic utility on the BGW-210 it fails at "Ping default gateway". Sometimes it will happen after 2 days sometimes ~a week later or sometimes multiple times a day. This bug started with the version of firmware labeled 1.9.14. It was not an issue with the previous 1.8.18 version (I was at 3+ months uptime). AT&T obviously is aware and trying to get a version with this bug fixed out because there have been 4 more firmware versions for the BGW-210 since 1.9.14 which started this nasty bug. We've had 1.9.14, 1.9.15, and 1.9.16 in about 2 months. This is WAY more firmware updates than usual for AT&T to develop for one of its gateways in such a short period of time. There is an 8 page long thread on dslreports u-verse forums of other users talking about this issue and tracking the latest firmware updates as soon as they hit AT&T's servers. 



You can manually update your firmware without waiting for AT&T to push a new version to it as long as you have the firmware file which thankfully they are hosted on a publicly accessible AT&T server to download.


The most current version that just released about 2 weeks ago is version 1.10.9. It was posted on AT&T's firmware server around the 18th of this month. I installed it that day and so far so good (I was getting the ping default gateway error as well randomly after AT&T pushed 1.9.15 to my BGW-210). Now I'm at a little over 7 days uptime (longest I could make it before on any 1.9.x version was 2-5 days).  So I would suggest simply manually updating your BGW-210 firmware to this latest release. It could be several weeks before AT&T pushes it to your BGW-210 themselves. Below is the link to download the firmware file. You can only manually update your firmware version using a computer (PC or Mac) and it is suggested that it be connected directly to the BGW-210 with an ethernet connection (but not required, at least do it while close to the BGW-210 if on Wi-Fi). A smartphone will not work for this.




Just download that firmware file then go to the BGW-210's web GUI by typing into your browser (or clicking that link). Then click the "Diagnostics" tab, then "Update", click "Select File" and select the .bin file you just downloaded and hit the update button. Let the gateway do its thing. It will flash yellow at first while the firmware image is being uploaded to the gateway then it will reboot and install the update. When its all done it will automatically reconnect and you will have service. You can verify what firmware version you have by going to and clicking "System Information" and looking at the line that says "Software Version". So far 1.10.9 has been much better for me than any of the 1.9.x versions so it seems (hopefully) AT&T finally squished this nasty bug after 4 tries/updates.


Hope this helps. As long as you leave the gateway alone while its updating and let it fully finish and reboot/reconnect to the internet on its own there is nothing that can cause any harm doing this. When AT&T releases newer firmware updates in the future (god help us) your gateway will continue to automatically get them when AT&T decides to send them.


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Re: Uverse Drops Out

Thank you for the info. I’ll definitely take a look at that.
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Re: Uverse Drops Out

OK, the firmware update appears to have stopped this.  I installed the update on this past Thursday and it has run without a dropout since then. Thanks again for the information.

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